Faa uav commercial requirements

It should be specific to the requirements of the proposed Part 107 regulations. For instance, I have an Airman Certificate with an Airframe and a Powerplant endorsement. In order to be licensed as a Aircraft Mechanic, there are 3 tests, written, oral and practical for each endorsement, plus the General exams. The Airframe written test has questions specific to airframes only. The proposed regulations for Part 107 call for a general knowledge test only in order to add a "Part 107 Operator" endorsement to my existing Airman Certificate. If you read the complete Proposal as published in the Federal Register there is a section in the back that gives the criteria for the test. What might be more trouble for some people is the requirement stated in there that says an Operator shall be vetted by the TSA. I go through that every two years for my job. Luckily for me my employer pays for the process which involves leaving them your fingerprints. It takes about 45 days to get the clearance back from them.
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