FAA Licensed Remote Pilot shirts

Aug 17, 2014
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Long Island, NY
We now have some t-shirts for FAA Licensed Remote Pilots who have passed their exam. All colors and styles can be customized before you order. Be sure to refer to the shirt size chart when ordering for the best fit. (I found the shirts run a little small if you just assume your size.) Colors and shirt styles will affect price, so fool around with it a bit if you like.

DroneTees: Products on Zazzle

I will also be adding caps and mugs to the products shortly.

Much thanks to those who have been purchasing my shirts. I just get a few dollars as royalty per shirt. Zazzle sets the prices, but guarantees 100% satisfaction. DO NOT order a shirt without checking for a discount code that is often at the top of the page. Happy Flying!

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Zazzle is currently running a rare site-wide 30% OFF SALE!!! The sale ends on Thursday (1/19/17). Use discount code SURPRISEDEAL at checkout.
To avoid ridicule, I would advise not wearing this around an airport. That would be like wearing a "DMV Licensed Driver" shirt in the pits at a F1 race.

I'm just sayin'.
Great shirts, hoodies & ball caps! Well done sir! I look forward to ordering a few the next chance I get. Are we able to customize them them a bit further with our own company name, website url, and/or logo? Or is it more of a WYSIWYG type scenario?

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A bit silly.

And technically it's "certificated", not "licensed". The FAA issues pilot certificates, not pilot licenses. Maybe semantic but I like attention to detail in things that involve aircraft operations.

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Thanks to all who are ordering shirts. Zazzle is offering a 25% Off code for a limited time. Enter code 25OFFSITEZAZ when ordering. If you miss the sale, Zazzle often runs discounts so always check the top of the page for a new code and don't order without one.

Shirts can be completely customized. You can even change the wording to "certificated" if you like, SkySensei. Or add your own company name, website, logo, etc. Thanks for the technical education, SkySensei. The wording is to simply to inform general onlookers that I'm operating legally, and I think the word licensed is more understood and respected, though technically incorrect.

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