Daybreak (first attempt at a Dronelapse)

Feb 23, 2017
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Couldn’t wish for a better light for the first attempt at a dronelapse. Let me know what you think!

Shot on Phantom 4 Pro+ in Tripod Mode although I would wish the drone could fly even slower.

Was quite windy up there and one can see that even after some heavy stabilisation in post. Also keeping those (frozen) fingers rock steady proves to be a challenge. Will have to figure out a way to lock 'em better.

The 5-second interval when shooting RAW is quite limiting and gets you no more than 250 shots. So I choose to stretch the footage in post with optical flow which is not ideal and introduces artefacts. I wish we could do 3-second intervals in RAW. Will experiment shooting in d-log JPGs instead.

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Wow! Looks stunning and a first attempt too.

You should write a how to tutorial. I for one would be very interested.
Thanks! I'd like to master the craft before giving away tutorials :) YouTube is full of amateurish tutorials, don't want to add to that.

But basically - launch the interval photo mode and fly as slow and steady as you can. And watch your battery level so that you make it home (mine flew about 3km in 20 minutes). There's nothing much more to it other than experience.
Maybe play with rates in the app settings so stick gives hardly any movement until you reach say 40% stick travel. You'd get a nice slow controlled flight then without having to be so twitchy on the sticks and still have the option to fly quickly if need be.
I have mine set at the lowest sensitivity, but the only way to hold it steady for 20+ minutes is resting all the way down which leads to the max. speed even in Tripod Mode. I wish we could define what the max speed is. Somebody had an idea to use waypoints and automatic flight, but I've no idea if that would work on my P4Pro+ since I believe it doesn't have that functionality.
I've read about various techniques people use. One that seems to be popular is not actually pinching the stick but more putting your finger at the side of the stick then moving it the tiny amount needed and then just press down and hold. That way (apparently) it's easier to not make any sudden movements.

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