1. M

    Doing a Timelapse over two weeks

    Hi, I'd like to do film a timelapse how several tents are being set up which lasts around 2 weeks. The plan is to let the drone start on the same point and fly up to the same height and try to point it into the same direction by having some reference points. I would set the drone in GPS mode...
  2. Chuck1906

    Intervals for timelapse

    I keep seeing videos on YT stating you can set an interval as low as 1-2 seconds on the P3P using the Go App. How is this possible? When I checked the settings, my lowest interval was either :5 or :10. Is it better to just set some waypoints and manually press the shutter button every 1-2...
  3. Rado

    Pricing for 3-4 Month Construction Project?

    Hey all! I have been granted the opportunity to create a proposal for a 3-4 month commercial construction project (restaurant/ bar/ event center) where the client would like a timelapse of the construction, normal stills, and video at certain points in the project. A little background, I'm part...
  4. M


    My recent project - Dronelapsing which lasted over 3 weeks. Through battering wind and wet cold day, I have managed to finally put together a compilations of drone lapse in many different locations in Yorkshire, England. Tutorials on how to make dronelapse is coming soon, if you want to see how...
  5. P

    Timed shots

    I wanted to check timed shots yesterday and app showed only 10, 20 and 30 seconds as an option. Is it app related, firmware related, or is it just that with phantom 3 advanced? Thanx for you help!
  6. Wjm

    Swiss Alps - Ovronnaz

    Just wanted to share my latest video. Please let me know what you think about it.
  7. Green Phantom

    EDINBURGH Day of Time Lapses / GoPro Time!

    Just got back from a trip to Edinburgh. What do you think? comments and suggestions welcome.
  8. gingerbloke

    Litchi underestimating waypoint flight time

    I've been running Litchi missions on a P3S, all working 100% but I did 5 slightly different missions earlier today and all were completed in less time than the mission planner said. ie, the 5th flight the mission planner said 16 minutes total but the flight completed in 12 minutes. No sections...
  9. Green Phantom

    Really cool Time-Lapse Compilation with just a phone

    Hi everyone I realized i had taken a fair amount of time lapse videos on my iPhone6 over the last 1-2 years and thought it would be cool to show my best ones and put them together. Here is my edit. Hope you like it. Please let me know what you think, maybe you have done one yourself? Thanks
  10. Green Phantom

    Timelapse Tilt Shift of New York City

    This is my very first attempt at a Time lapse video where i added the Title Shift effect. What do you all think? feel i would like to do a load and make a compilation of various scenes would be cool.
  11. eaglewoodfilms

    Daybreak (first attempt at a Dronelapse)

    Couldn’t wish for a better light for the first attempt at a dronelapse. Let me know what you think! Shot on Phantom 4 Pro+ in Tripod Mode although I would wish the drone could fly even slower. Was quite windy up there and one can see that even after some heavy stabilisation in post. Also...
  12. M

    Timelapse / Interval Timer rate in RAW photo mode

    Anyone know what the shortest interval between shots when shooting stills in RAW? I have a Mavic Pro and it is 10 seconds (It will go down to 1 second in JPEG mode). Wondering what if it is lower for RAW on the P4Pro.
  13. Mindflights

    Phantom 4 pro true hyperlapse

    This Little World "Are we just a toy in hands of time?” Created by Kostas Gur Music: "The Time To Run" by Dexter Britain Under Creative Commons Licence ©2017 Kostas Gur More about the film: The film was created with the method of Hyperlapse (moving timelapse). It took more than 10.000 photos...
  14. S

    Best Sunrise/Sunset camera settings?

    Has anyone had any luck getting really smooth video timelapses of sunrise/sunset videos with their P4P? I'd like to run manual mode, but not sure where the "sweet spot" is exposure wise. Below are a couple of captures I got recently. They're both sped up for the sake of time, but you can get...
  15. tbwester

    Phantom 4 timelapse settings

    Is there a way to trigger photos every 1 sec, 2 seconds? All I see on the DJI go app is 5 seconds, and that is a little slow for what I need. Any other apps that will do this for me?
  16. chapsrlz

    app or tips for time lapse photo.

    hi guys, i have a couple clients who are building a couple high rise towers. both want two or three timelapse photos from the construction process (about two years and two photos per month). i have taken some shots and the clients were satisfied with the views. is there any app that can place...
  17. jamesb72

    Aerial sunrise Timelapse test - Phantom 3 using Waypoints for slow smooth tracking

    Forecast was clear for this morning, so charged up last night and got up early planning to take some sunrise stills, but ended up playing with waypoints to fly slow (0.4mph) flight tracks to speed up into a timelapse - these are speeded up 16x and stabilised, timing wasn't quite perfect for the...
  18. Y


    Hi, After shooting timelapses and hyperlapses during months on the ground, I wanted to push it to the next level and do it in the air. The phantom 3 Pro helped me do it. You can see some of those experiments in this video (not dronelapse only). Hope you like them. Yannick
  19. rudolf samuel

    Night Shot and Timelapse Video in 4K