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Feb 1, 2014
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Indy, USA
I read a lot of Phantom 3 data on a daily basis. Today I noticed one of the .TXT files I used CloudsNeverDie's .txt/.csv converter on appeared a little longer then usual. Now you really would have to look at these files like I do to even notice something like this.

Anyway, I compared two csv files with one another to see what the difference in the two was. The files were around a week different in flight dates. I have NO idea how this was possible to have been added when there has been no updates in between when each of these flights were recorded. I have an idea, but nothing solid on how it became added to the list of other data columns.

The 1st image shows what the data categories use to look like prior to the new addition.

The 2nd image shows the new data column added in between two others. It also shows the name associated with the new category. It's called "APP_WARN.warn". I'm not a 100% sure what all it will show in the column should the data get recorded. But I do know it recorded the warning message the Pilot app displayed on my monitor each time I switched the flight mode from "P" to "A" while performing some Top Speed flights the other day. So each time I manually swithed into ATTI mode while flying the app produced the warning.

The 3rd image shows at each point I switched flight modes. (Btw, did I mention how much I really enjoy reading this data)

The 4th image shows what appears in the info section when the value box is highlighted. You see it shows the actual message I saw in the monitor, and at what exact point.

So even though some of you may not care about these type of reference options we have with the Phantom 3, but for me, it is what flying is all about. This makes it fun for me. Having the ability to pin-point issues when they happen is like gold to me. Prior to the P3 I always flew with two data logger at all times. Each logger provided a little different info then the other. But now the P3 comes along with much much more data to search through which keeps me busy.




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