Continue with KumbaCam?

Jan 19, 2015
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I have P2 with KumbaCam 400mW 5.8 and black pearl. The setup seems OK but im building a racing quad and want to upgrade to goggles. I would like to use the black pearl and new goggles on both quads.

1) stick with kumbaCam, get another transmitter for racing quad and KumbaCam goggles.
2) change out my transmitter to something like immersion, get a second new transmitter for the racing quad and use goggles that are compat w/both.

Not sure to go 1 or 2. I would like good high quality video and strong signal. Should it stick with KumbaCam or before i go too deep into goggles and seconds transmitter, consider a bettter solution (that preserves my black pearl) I can live with tossing the kumbaCam transmitter.

Anyway, all advice appreciated. Important to me -> HD signal, HDMI goggles, far transmission range
If it works, just buy another KumbaCam. I wouldnt want to be moving transmitters from aircraft to aircraft, it increases risk of falling off mid-flight or loosing it.
Actually #2 meant discarding the existing transmitter for a different/better brand. I wouldn't ever plan on swapping transmitters between quads unless it was a perm move.

Kumbacam brands on top of black pearl, spexman and flysight. They seem like a good combo, but just want top night stuff and keep compatibility with what I have.

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