Best Android device for P3A?

Apr 11, 2015
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Abilene, Texas
Since my iPad 4 will not work with the Pilot app and the iOS version is not out yet anyway, I'm thinking of getting an Andriod device for my soon to arrive Phantom 3 Advanced. I know nothing about the many different Android tablets. Which one would be the best? Thanks.
Nvidia Shield(Full HD resolution) is supposedly one of the best. I believe it is the only one with a mini hdmi out, which I believe can be used for FPV goggles, TV, etc. It also has a very accessible screen recording feature, and no unneeded pre-installed apps. From what I understand it is a preferred tablet for the Inspire 1. Samsung Tab 4 and Nexus 7 have been mentioned a good bit, if the Shield is a bit out of your price range. I just have only seen a couple of people post on using those, but they were positive. Nexus 7 will have less bloatware of the two. There is also a 4k resolution Samsung tablet (Tab S maybe).

Nvidia Shield $299 WiFi only $399 with 4gLte (if you have a cellphone with mobile hotspot, this is really not needed)
Tab 4 and Nexus 7 run around 150$ I believe
I had some reward points available, so I pulled the trigger on an nVidia Shield Tablet. I got the 32GB LTE version. Like JustinS said, I didn't need to, but since all I have to do is buy a $15 SIM card to make it work on my existing T-Mobile data plan, I figured, "What the heck, why not spend the extra $100 to get it without the AT&T contract."

Swap SIM, and I have a fully functional tablet that will replace my Nexus 7 (which I've been told by others on this forum, will NOT work well with the P3. The Nexus 7 II will work, but I have the original Nexus 7, which doesn't have the horsepower to decode the 720p video stream.

The Shield, by the way, uses a smokin' GPU-based processor. Check out this graphics performance benchmark. (Shield Tablet is 2nd best, behind only the Surface Pro 2, and almost 3X the iPad Mini Retina.)

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not that those numbers say anything. The ipad air performs better in the app. A long time ago i stopped watching at benchmarks.
Meh, they're both good tablets. What empirical data do you have that shows that the app performs better on the iPad than on the Shield?
Thanks for the good advice. Do I need a device with a cell plan? I assumed I could use a Wi Fi only tablet. I have an iPhone 5s and an AT&T version iPad 4, and did not want to spend any more on data plans.
Has anyone used a Samsung Tab S2 10 inch?

I have a Tab 4 10.1 and it quickly overheats and freezes. My Galaxy Note 5 (and Note 3 before that) work great with only some lag problems when running at extreme (1000 meter) distances. I want to buy a new 10 inch range tablet that will be primarily for my P3P. Can't see going for a Quad core Nvidia when Octa core is on the horizon, but also think LTE connectivity will be a plus in the long run. I am leaning towards AT&T Tab S2 but really trying to take everything into consideration before I pull the trigger.
I have the Nvidia Shield w/o cell service. Works great. Tried POI yesterday, worked like a charm. Will test other new features tomorrow at our flying field.

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