Beautiful day

Feb 24, 2015
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It was beautiful to day. After a very wet and windy the last 3 weeks.
I decided to go down to Kemah, on the Boardwalk. I got there early so no crowds.
But the staff were every where. I new as soon as they see me I will be told to leave.
I have been wanting to fly there ,ever since I was there last. And that was when I had a bad crash and broke my shell. I wanted to thread the needle. So that was my first move. It was a short flight ,but I only got told to get the hell of our property, And I managed to stay out of jell. In Kemah you don't want the law to show up. So here is the video.
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Nice job Maxwell,

Now you have to find a better place to hide while you're flying and hand catch from the back of a pickup truck on the move. Yes, it's still legal to ride in the back of a truck here. :p
IflyinWY Hi there . Hows the weather up there.?? Here in Texas, It is a little cool today 82 and windy.
Yea I usually stay off there property, but I wanted to get in close. Wont try that again. :oops: I allmost hit that big circol ride, I was real close. You can see it in the video.
The law in Kemah is real stiff neck, zero tolerance kind of law. Thanks for looking.
We've finally reached 60 today, that's about as good as it's gonna get for a freaking week. The wind picks up every day lately, 25 with gusts to 37 today, 40 yesterday, 45 before that... :(
I'm about to jump ship and live in the trade winds.

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