Barrett Jackson West Palm Beach

Dec 31, 2014
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West Coast of Florida
Just got home from a weekend down in South Florida. No buying or selling, just drooling.

Holy crap I could get in serious trouble there. Some beautiful rides. Love me some muscle cars. :cool:

Anyone ever go? If you're a gear head, you owe it to yourself.
Not Barrett but other auctions.... the more you drink, the better the bids get ;)

the whole collector auto deal has really picked up in the last few years to where it almost was 7+ yrs ago. Which i took advantage of....
I used to watch the Barrett ones on TV till I seen them sell a 82 911 like what I had just sold and wasn't as nice as mine was for 3 Times what I sold it for.
Made me so sick I just quit watching them :mad:
If I had known it would have gone for that I would have shipped it out there to AZ and let them sell it !!
I know little about cars, but oddly my other "hobby" is polishing cars. I rent some space from a car nut to practice my hobby. He travels to many auctions and he flies out yearly to West Palm, Scottsdale and Vegas for Barrett-Jackson auctions.

I just set my DVR, sit at home and lust over some of the cars as they go over the block being sold at prices beyond comprehension.

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