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avoidance system for drone integration and blos flights ( idea )

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by turbodronepilot, Mar 30, 2015.

  1. turbodronepilot

    Nov 5, 2014
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    Prather CA
    Hey guys ..
    I thought I'd share an idea I had one night after a few beers. .
    With all the debate about safety concerns about blos flying I had an a idea. .
    What if all drone operatorswho lived in a conjested area, or delivery drones of the future, and guys like me who want to fly blos had a way of knowing what was flying around you and how fast it was moving with depth perception?
    Sound interesting? ?
    Well amagine a 3d grid shaped like a tic tack toe game with levels and on those levels would be different flying directions, like highways in the sky, with distance telemetry to nearby aircraft. .
    How it would work is with a identification beacon on board that would transmit a signal to a monitor. .
    In the monitor or goggles you would see the virtual highway and all the air traffic. .
    Then software to process the all the data to be displayed on screen. .
    so any drone could use the technology and we all could fly safety together at any range. .
    this is just a rough explanation of my idea in its infint stages. .
    I don't have the technical ability to rite code or make hardware or the resources to make it a reality, but I encourage anyone who has these resources and abilities to go for it and raise the level of the sport, profession, hobby or whatever drones are to you. .
    maybe someone is already making something like this? ?
    You never know. .
    now the seed has been planted. .
    will it grow into something more? ?
    I hope so. .
    turbo. .
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