am I just to innocent?

Dec 9, 2016
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So watching this guy on YouTube and he is using a combination of remote and cell phone to control and monitor a P3 mission out to 10Km.

I'm under the impression that you are supposed to be able to see this bird at all times. there is no way to see it at that range much less watch for traffic. (Let's not talk about the air traffic flying over him at the time.

Is it my newbee status that causes me to question this behavior?
90 % of the flights video I see on You Tube are not in line of sight unless your Superman. I was at the flying club and we my Phantom 4 out to 1000' and me or anyone at the use could see it so what gives with ll these videos. I know they can't see the drones.
Not sure the laws in the US, but in Canada, all legal flights are VLOS, unless you have a permit/permission to fly BVLOS
I think it is the same here but not sure. I fly for fun. I have flow a few times I couldn't see the drone I admit. Never been above 380' and only did that a handful of times just to see what it looked like. After all this remote ID stuff I may be out of flying period.
I use B4FLY app. Anywhere here around my house I get the green clear to fly. We have a small no tower airport about five miles from my house. I do get the Safety Notification warning. I accept it and fly. We do have a class d airport over on town but I don't there. I think I am going to try and get permission at a location just inside the five mile limit just to see if I can. Of all the places I have flow my drone has always flew.
Just wondering we ring about the line of sight thing. I know one of the videos the guy said he was about a mile out. Don't know.

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