Almost ready to my first fly!

Oct 27, 2015
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Quito, Ecuador
OK guys, my TX is charger, tool like 3 hours though, charging my battery now, dji go app work and running, test it, phamtom 3 firmware update ver 1.40010 downloaded and ready to install, well, I'm scared about a fly away but, let's hope for the best, any final advice?

I know I have to make a compass calibration, and I also put some restrictions in altitude and distance 90x100 meters should be fine for my first time flying a phantom 3, I have experience in cheap drones Lome the syma x5c and the syma x8c.

Well I'm super exited and ready to go!
  • Fly in a wide open area until you understand how the controls work.
  • If there are any obstacles, make sure you fly above them.
  • Don't use RTH or the auto land feature to land your Phantom (they can be rough sometimes).
  • When landing, ease your Phantom straight down nice and slow as you're nearing the ground.
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Go slowly. Remember the P3 should just sit there stationary in the air.
Make sure you are well away from trees or buildings.
For takeoff use full throttle and then let it hover about 20' up in the air.
RTH can be a help if you get confused but cancel it when it has come back and land manually.
If you have a helper always always hand catch landing.Yes even on my first flight I did that. Just bring the P3 to above head height and your helper can reach up and grab a skid. Then left stick down for 3 seconds until otors stop.
Dont panic and have fun!!!
As you already have experience with the Syma, the actual flying shouldn't present a problem as far as using the controls goes. The main thing you need to beware of is over confidence! A lot of people say "Wow,, this is so easy to fly!"....and then find themselves stuck up a tree, or looking at their Phantom lying in a broken heap on the deck.
Hmm don't want to sound rude Guillermo, but do you have to open 3 separate threads to discuss your new Phantom? Isn't simpler to keep them all in one thread?

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