zenmuse h4-3d phantom2 dji

  1. T

    SELLING: Dji Phantom 2 + Zenmuse H4-3D inkl 5,8 Ghz FPV Flight Kit + LCD Display

    Dear Pilots, I am selling my partly totally new partly refurbished >DJI PHANTOM 2 + H4-3D Gimbal + FPV Kit with LCD Screen<. You can buy it directly via eBay. If you are out of EU we need to agree on terms of shipment. The Auktion is here: Here the Specs: H4-3D Zenmuse (boxed as new) - ca...
  2. Bob Mador

    I crashed my P2 today

    I was flying my P2 back to my villa while walking behind it, decided I would try to fly it between two bushes and over the gate. "Try" was the key word. I hit one of the branches causing the P2 to flip upside-down. That made the drone fly into the ground. But... that wasn't the end of it. Once...
  3. J

    Gimbal doesnt move all they up/down

    Completed quick start guide as it said, reviewed it few times but once everything was completed I noticed that gimble doesnt let camera to move all the way up or down. Im a pretty big technology newbie so if someone could please simplify for me how to fix it would be much appreciated.