1. P

    Struggling to Get Youtube To Recognise my Videos as 4K

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, and I just wanted to thank you in advance for reading my post and for any help that is offered. I have the Phantom 4, but the one thing I haven't mastered yet, is getting youtube to recognise my phantom video files as 4K. I have listed my setup and settings below...
  2. Nick Wenzel

    Waves crashing on rocks in 4K

    Hi all Just took my new P4 for its first flight yesterday. I previously owned a P3 Standard for a while, and it was a great decision to make the upgrade to start moving into more professional stuff. This video is more of a relaxation clip than a short film. For some of those, check out my...
  3. E

    New Yt Channel please come check it out

    Hi my name is Kameron, Me and a few of my friends have made a Youtube channel based on droning and photography we all are interested in that field so we try our very best at everything if you could come check out our Youtube channel it would mean the world to all of us the link is.... Eventide
  4. DougAles

    ♦ Punta Cana vacation vlog video

    >>> Feedback welcomed <<< ♦Just uploaded our Bahia Principe vacation video. My DJI Phantom 3 Standard quadcopter was very helpful in creating this video. Please share your thoughts. If you enjoy my video, I would welcome your like / comment / subscription. Thank you.
  5. That Cicero Guy

    Sectional Charts - What's the best online learning resource?

    Hi Everybody, I've done searches on the forum but haven't really found an answer to this with the exception of a link or two. I've scoured YouTube and even though there are some videos to learn this, they are not all that great from a perspective of someone who is new to this field. I've been...
  6. thefrisbee995

    YouTube Issues? Need Help Please?

    Thought I would ask here in the off-topic section. I am having issues with youtube support (I need support but can't get it) and have made a brief video on it. I need help with my channel because it's where I share my drone videos :( Summary of issues in the video (in order): - Monetisation...
  7. Nick Wenzel

    P4 arriving tomorrow

    Hi all I've been flying a P3S for almost 8 months now and I've finally decided to sell it and buy a 4. Just got an email and it's arriving tomorrow... don't even know why i'm posting right now but I'm delirious and excited. lol. check out my youtube channel if you haven't already... the videos...
  8. Gpisto20

    New Youtube channel, opinions welcomed!

    Hello Everyone, I have recently started a Youtube channel focused on my drone videos. Anyone willing to check it out and leave some feedback would be greatly appreciated! Drone Stuff
  9. HuckleberryStyle

    How to increase traffic to your YouTube Channel/Drone Videos

    My intention for this thread is to provide a place where those sharing videos on YouTube can discuss ways they have/have not had success sharing their videos with a larger audience. Please don't use this thread to share your videos. That can be done HERE. To start things off, I have seen a...
  10. S

    Live RTMP Streaming from P4P+?

    Has anyone had any luck with getting a decent RTMP live stream from their P4P+? Mine seems to constantly buffer, drop frames, and disconnect after a very short period of time. I notice that there are no options to limit stream resolution or bitrate at all, which I suspect to be the problem...
  11. M

    FIRST POST: Phantom 3S of Downtown Toronto Skyline

    Let me know what you think and how I can improve.
  12. Warren1971

    Gorgeous Phantom 4 Pro Footage

    Hi Gang I have uploaded some really nice Drone footage of the Australian Bush, taken with the Phantom 4 Pro let me know what you think. The video was edited in Final Cut Pro X and i used Color Finale Pro to grade the footage Cheers Warren
  13. Nick Wenzel

    WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND - 2nd YouTube video up

    Hi all, Tell me what you think of my new yt vid and subscribe for more. :) Cheers, Nick
  14. HuckleberryStyle

    Other Forums/Websites To Help Grow YouTube Channels

    First, THANK YOU to everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube Channel. This forum has been a great place to gain feedback and see other videos. Has anyone come across a similar resource that has helped their channel grow?
  15. Nick Wenzel

    New video up - Seal Rocks

    Hey everyone Put together my first video from my P3S Check it out and let me know what you think. Subscribe if you want to see more stuff :) (btw soz about the lowish resolution - edited on the go)
  16. I

    Hello From Hawaii

    Hello I live in Hawaii with my old faithful P2 and a few gopro's.
  17. jlazz447

    Casey Neistat

    Browsed through a few threads that mentioned the man himself Casey but I'm more curious about the rules and regulations he may or may not be breaking. Can someone shed some light on this? I'm a daily watcher of his videos. If you don't know who Casey is by now all you have to do is type into...
  18. Alex Assenmacher

    Reviewing sub's drone footage

    Dear droners, as a few of my subscribers ask me to review their videos, and I was always answering in the comments, or email or via facebook my opinion on what could be improved, I thought, let me film myself talking about those things instead of writing, so that many more people can actually be...
  19. P


    I guess there are many people in here who likes drone videos so check out my channel 4 drone videos ! Its pretty hard to gain subscribers nowdays. Trying to create something unique HMU if you do drone videos too! NEW VIDEO: CHANNEL: Mitro Boahene
  20. Cactus Wren

    First P4 video...

    Made my first video with my P4 and spent a good amount of time with the clips in post production (Mac iMovie). It's short but nice. So I try to use iMovie's "share to Youtube" function, but Youtube says the upload failed. It's a short video, about 1min20sec. *Actually, if you see the reply...