1. C


    Here is a link to my new video with some videos i shot with DJI SPARK. I hope that you guys will give me a comment.
  2. adventurecampitelli

    New to the Forum

    Hello, I'm Marco and I started a family travel youtube channel. I purchased a DJi Mavic Pro and have loved using it. They are sure easy to fly but the filming part takes awhile to learn. I hope I can find use of this forum. Any advise is appreciated. :)
  3. Capitan Bastos


    Thank you for your continuous support! It really means a lot! A little behind the scenes for you from my first official commercial project. BTW If you have a dead cat laying around, DM me on IG for my address. A special thank you to Ken Heron for taking his time to give me some great advice...
  4. Capitan Bastos

    Ken Heron - Colluding with a Russian DJI OSMO, P4Pro and MAVIC [4K]

    A lot of you have probably watched Ken's videos, I've been subscribed to him for close to two years, and he's usually fun, entertaining and somewhat educational. Really an awesome guy! But this is by far the funniest video I've seen from him so far. A collaboration with this energizer bunny of...
  5. John Raw

    RC device & Drone music ?

    Why RC devices & Noisy beatless stuff both have the same name ? Here is mine. I'm sure we all have the same fun with ours, take care drones pilots Cheers. that's all
  6. Green Phantom

    YouTube Play Button & Video Best of Compilation

    Heya everyone Just thought i would show you all something i made for myself, just a bit of fun and a thank you to anyone who has subscribed to my channel. People may think this is daft or cheesy but i like making things and saw it as an opportunity to be creative and also a way to celebrate...
  7. Capitan Bastos

    Coming Home - A Bastos Movie

  8. L

  9. M

    YouTube Feedback

    Hey everybody! I've been using my phantom 4 to make some youtube videos and would like some feedback on them. Linked is my most recent one Thank you and enjoy!
  10. M

    Droning in the Alps! - 1800m high :D.

    Here is my new video i recorded quite a while ago but only just now got around to editing it together. The recording takes place in Leogang - Austria and i even go up to altitudes above 1800m high. I enjoyed making it, i hope you enjoy viewing it. If you did enjoy please go check out my...
  11. Capitan Bastos

    The Phantom 4 Put me in urgent care

    True story.
  12. See Norway

    YouTube ad-income GONE?

    Hi. Anyone else see a loss of income on your youtube channel in april and may?
  13. Capitan Bastos

    Phantom 4 Oslo, Norway May1 (vlog)

    It was my daughter's 12th birthday this weekend and I told my subscribers they could wish her a happy birthday if they wanted, the response was incredible to me and ended up like this: The thank you vlog with the droneshots:
  14. devinew777

    Constructive criticism for video

    Brother and I just put up first video using phantom 3 4k. Just looking for some constructive criticism to help us improve our next video! Thanks in advance!
  15. H

    where can i get good soundtracks ?

    hey guys , if anyone knows of a good site to get soundtracks even if i have to paid for them please let me know free ones would be good too . just don't want to get myself in trouble on youtube .. this was today at a local drone meetup ,,, video is unedited no sound ... i have to practice a...
  16. I

    Phantom 3 Standard Video Editing

    Check out my video:
  17. thefrisbee995

    Found The Best Place To Post Your Drone Videos!!

    Somebody suggested on one of my Youtube videos that I should check something called "airvuz" out. I did and I got a good few views in the last 12 hours with it and more comments than I have in months on Youtube. I think everyone here should check it out. You can easily paste your youtube video...