1. J

    Oof, I'm Stumped

    I've got a problem with phantom 1, when I connect a battery to my drone it flashes red, yellow, and green and my drone does not respond to my controller. I tried using the Naza mv2 assistance, however, i could not connect my drone to the program itself. I made sure to install the driver needed...
  2. R

    RC led power yellow

    Hi, I have a problem with my remote controller (NDJ6) after upgrading firmware, the power led switch to yellow. I tested to calibrate my controller but color not change to green like before upgrade… With this problem, I can't controlle my Phantom 2… :/ How to do ? (same problem:)
  3. F

    FC40 not connecting to controller

    Hello! I recently purchased a (used) FC40 without battery, so i had to buy a new one. The connectors inside the aircraft needed soldering because some of the insulation on one of the wires to the battery was gone. I tested the aircraft with a battery, it connected successfully to the...
  4. mitchell Guthrie

    Hard crash P3 Std. - Constant red\yellow\green

    Crashed hard into a tree, camera got ripped off, props all broke, drone fell to the ground and motors would not stop turning. Ended up having to pull the battery and got the tops of my knuckles chopped off in the process! When powering up now I get the normal tone then constant red\yellow\green...
  5. R

    Need help with my drone. Blinking yellow lights??

    So my drone took a mild crash and I had to replace the shell because one of the four arms was bend. Everything else seemed fine though. After replacing the shell all it gives me when I turn it on is slow blinking yellow lights. And no there is not a blinking red light on the board, the...