1. I

    What is the Coldest Temperature you can fly a Phantom 3 Standard?

    So I was wondering what is the coldest temperature people have been able to fly there Phantom 3 Standard safely? I know DJI says not to fly below 32 F but that is going to seriously limit my ability to fly during the winter. Also what is the minimum difference between dew point and temperature...
  2. RPP

    Hand of God

    Frozen landscape at Másvatn in North Iceland. Photo with DJI Phantom 4 Pro v2.
  3. Wjm

    Winter in Switzerland

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope that 2021 will be better for all of you!
  4. H

    McCall, Idaho in the Winter

    Here are a couple of clips from a snowy Idaho trip.
  5. RPP

    Lone Walker

    More here - Lone Walker.
  6. EQUINOXE INFINITY - A Drone Perception

    EQUINOXE INFINITY - A Drone Perception

    Here is how I would see a video of the new sound track 'The Watchers ' from the Equinoxe Infinity album released in 2018 from JM Jarre. Music by JM Jarre - E...
  7. D

    Sierra Nevada Winter of 2017-- aerial views

    This was recorded January and February 2017 during a record setting winter. The Phantom 4 is way better than snow shoes or skis for getting close up stills and vid in hard-to-reach places. Nothing is quite as fun as making images worthy of framing from a mile away sitting in a warm truck. My...
  8. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Norway - Lyngør lighthouse during winter

    Hi guys! Checknout this clip from Norway, and the Lyngør lighthouse in winter. Bright light but no filters used. A little tweaking in post and stab on one backward jelly effect thats it :) A subscribe would make my day - if you care to ;)
  9. OOO

    Chasing the sun

    A compilation of my sunset and sunrise shots taken in the past year. I hope you enjoy it! 1) P4P and Mavic Pro 2) Recorded at 4K@25, 30, 50, and 60 FPS 3) Uploaded at 4K@24 FPS 4) ND4 and ND8 filter in some shots 5) Simple color correction 6) Final Cut Pro X
  10. IamWedge

    This is Lake Superior a week ago. Lots of Ice

    Lake Superior had quite a bit of Ice coverage last week. The snow storms and the wind broke that ice up and its been in the 40's Enjoy the video. This was my first time using a filter and manual camera settings. I got to o much in to the flight to remember checking the camera. Ill figure it out...
  11. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Cold Sunset - Norway

    Hi all! Yesterday, I finally got the shots i wanted of the sun going down behind some hills from a frozen lake. The colors were beautiful and I think i managed the shooting pretty well - very satisified with the result! Please, have a look yourself and don't hesitate with feedback + or - :)...
  12. Sønnavind Dronefoto

    Southern Norway - wintershoot

    Hi! Tried some new tricks and development techniques - heres a couple of yestardays clips. Please comment pros and cons - What bitrate do you gous use on 4K editing? This one is filmed with C4K and 75kbps.... Regards!
  13. OOO

    Beautiful Winter

    Hi Guys, It's been exactly one year since I bought my first drone. Thank you all for your support, patience and encouragement. May the new year bring new hopes, new joys and new successes in your life's journey. This video is a little new year gift to you all! Please watch it in 4K or full HD...
  14. T

    Maine Coast in Winter (P4Pro - 4K 60fps)

    Some footage I put together from a trip to Maine. All clips were shot with a Phantom 4 Pro at 60fps. All critiques welcome!
  15. M

    Drone video of Santa Sledding down Mountain in Norway

    Here is a video that I and a friend made this winter, there Santa is sledding down a mountain In Summøre Norway. Goofy video but did have some epic drone shoots. Would love to see more of your Christmas videos. Merry Christmas.
  16. OOO

    Frozen Sunset

    My first winter and snow video. Thank you in advance for your comments and feedbacks. 1) No ND filter 2) ISO 100 3) Uploaded at 4K@24 fps 4) Simple color correction, no color grading (I’m a colorblind person) 5) P4P plus
  17. UpLift Aerial

    Winter Breeze

    Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE!
  18. electriclife

    Sardegna III - Winter in Sardinia. Cinematic drone footage filmed in 4K with DJI Phantom4 PRO

    Sardegna is as gorgeous in winter as it is during the summer. Sure you cannot take a swim, but on the other hand the island is completely empty, no tourism. The place is literally yours to enjoy. The colors of the sea are as stunning as ever. The 4k video contains footage of Capo d'Orso, Celvia...
  19. S

    Winter in Norway

    Got my first drone a few days ago and made my first video! Phantom 4 pro, i am amazed by the quality you can achieve with this!
  20. Flick6211

    How to store my LiPo's for the next 4 months

    I will probably not be using my LiPo's for the next 4 months, and was wondering how I should store them? Batteries are stored inside in my home. Temperature inside where they are now, is proximately a stable 20 degrees Celsius. Do I need some special attention? Your advise is welcome!