1. Viper35

    Do you need wi-fi to fly new pilot

    Is wi-fi needed to fly phantom 4 pro . I am newbie first flight yesterday.
  2. andretomasi

    Phanduino Plus

    Hi everyone, Well, turns out my P2V+ has fallen victim to the Wi-fi module problem. No video in the app, telemetry working fine. I tried the fix mentioned around a lot and reflashed the module using a USB serial adapter, but the board is definitely gone. My P2V+ is one of the V2.0, with a...
  3. T

    Phantom 3 Standard - Telemetry without camera

    Hi everyone, I really need to know if there is any way to hack or bypass the P3S gimbal board in order to fly it on app WITHOUT gimbal frame and camera. I know the Wi-Fi is fitted somewhere on the gimbal board, so all I need is the aircraft status information such as GPS, Battery etc. I...
  4. Paulie1340

    Who's the WiFi Boss?

    I recently flew about 600 Meters away, lost the video feed, stopped, flew in reverse for a 200-300 meters so that I could see the drone, and was surprised that I had to bring it all the way home with no videoFPV feed. (I have P3S, stock RC no embellishments, iPad Mini 4, flight control is with...
  5. M

    Authentication Error

    I'm new to this so please be patient....I bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab E 7"; Model# SM-T113. When I go to connect the WI Fi over to the Phantom, I get an Authentication Error and am unable to proceed further. Any ideas? Thank you for your support. Terry
  6. P

    Lost Wi-Fi

    Sure, problems. Beautiful winter's day here in N.E. Wisconsin so I thought I'd fly my P3S for the first time in two weeks. Battery was down to 60% so I decided to set up in my living room and check for updates and set camera for a bright day before recharging and taking it out to the end of my...
  7. M

    Wifi problem

    Witam, nie mogę połączyć się z wifi na moim P3S đi. P komor nie wyszukuje Drone wifi. Proszę pomóż
  8. D

    P3S poor video range!

    Hi All I'm sure that this issue had been discussed lots of times but despite searching the internet for fix I was not able to find a solution that would work for me... I bought my P3S 2 weeks ago and right out of the box I've noticed weak/poor video range... In the city, surrounded by buildings...
  9. J

    Is it possible to control a DJI Phantom 3 from Ubuntu with ROS?

    Hey! I'm a newbie in DJI Phantom and I asked this question in stackoverflow but apparently they didn't like it and thumbed down. So I decided to try asking you directly: I wanted to control my DJI Phantom 3 from ROS in Ubuntu with the data obtained from the IMU and video camera, but I don't...
  10. mike.alexander

    Wi-Fi range

    I recently purchased a second hand Phantom 3 Standard and have been disappointed with the range of the Wi-Fi (for live video and telemetry data). Even when flying on open ground with the nearest house about 300m away, I lose the signal a close as 30m away. From what I've read online, I was...
  11. M

    Wi-Fi Repeater Connection Failed

    I don't know what is happening, I just turned on my DJI P2 +V3 and I got the message that the W-Fi Repeater failed connection. I did recharge the batteries, I also made sure that my phone was in airplane mode. I tried to rebind the connection and that's when I got that error message in the...
  12. J

    WIFI problems? Connects, then disconnects after about 100 ft

    Relative newbie- have done lots of research though so im decently aware of the terminology. So I bought my drone (Phantom 2 Vision (not the vision PLUS)) used, from craigslist from a very nice old man that bought it and used it very little and very gently. I flew it around, and the farthest ive...
  13. M

    wi-fi connection drops

    My wi-fi connection drops because the phone starts scanning for an internet connection. (this is an android4.0 phone). Does some android guru know how to tell the phone not to do this?