vps module

  1. T

    Phantom 3 4K firmware update without VPS module?

    Hello! Anyone has an experience about software update with VPS module disconnected? I red a warning in another thread but did't get the answer what could happen if I'd try to update. I believe/hope an update would cure connectivity issues I have, my VPS module is dead, have ordered a...
  2. Avocet

    VPS Replacement ....

    I am resurrecting an injured P3P that I came across. The VPS housing was smashed badly. The sole connector had a wire pulled from it. I was able to reinsert that wire and install an new VPS. The ship flies again but needs to be thoroughly tested before it will win my trust. Anyway, I get...
  3. Skyler King III

    VPS and Forward Obstacle Avoidance on an thing other than Phantom 4?

    I love everything about my P4 but especially the VPS and forward obstacle avoidance. Is there any other drone on the market that has anything as sophisticated as the P4 VPS and obstacle avoidance. I've been a simple forward system on some but maybe I don't know where to look.
  4. JonEQuest

    P3P VPS module temperature?, Mine is hot as $hit! at 175

    I am still in testing mode since I just did a body swap with new paint job and main board repair to my P3P after a recent crash. It seems to fly great but I have one thing that worries me. My VPS feels real hot after a while. After a 10 minute flight hot dogging around the empty lot across from...
  5. gringorio

    VPS and Next Phantom Version

    With all the hub-bub about the announcement of a potential release of a P4 and talk about internal VPS, I have to ask, why even have VPS? How many of you use it and how often? To me it seems like the space for the VPS could be used for other practical features or just not include it and save...
  6. Mario_SB

    Vision Positioning System: Battery Savings --- On vs Off

    Has anyone noticed any battery savings by turning off the VPS? I'm assuming any savings would probably be minimal but I've gone ahead and turned mine off since I'm not flying indoors. I'll report back any findings...
  7. Suhail

    HOW TO: Remove or replace the VPS Module on the Phantom 3 Pro/Adv

    In case anyone needs to figure out how to remove or replace the VPS module on their aircraft, here is a quick video (part of a larger series that covers how to assemble/reassemble the entire aircraft) that might be helpful: Video