1. VegasFlyer

    New Litchi Hub Changes

    I just went into Litchi Hub to tweak a few things on one of my routes only to find that the POI data for all of my waypoints has disappeared! I was more than a bit confused to say the least. After a bit of digging around, as well as some trial and error, I decided to pull up the Litchi homepage...
  2. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Rooting Nvidia shield K1-Prevent DJI update nagging

    Rooting and using a host editor/blocker allows me to be able to use DJI go WITH maps on any revision level I like. It is not hard to complete this and you may find this method works well for you. I've rooted both my K1's and they ignore any update/upgrade demand. I've included info on how to...
  3. JBR

    Check this after each update...

    Yesterday after updating to latest version on my nearly 2 year old P3P, I went in to check all my settings. Both RTH and Max Height were cleared and reset to 0. Good idea to check these not only after each update but before taking off on each flight. Only takes seconds.
  4. Envirodiver

    firmware update @ 99%

    Running the latest firmware update and it has been at 99% for :45 minutes. What's up with that, any ideas
  5. tml4191

    Where can I find the latest firmware updates for the p4a?

    Can someone pleas the firmware updates for the p4a? I'm interested in seeing if it's worth upgrading to.
  6. P

    Litchi updates?

    I've been away from the forums for a while. What's the status of Litchi after all the recent updates? P3S with Android. Thanks, Paul
  7. L

    Phantom 2 and GoPro Hero 4 Black - Will updates cause any issues?

    I have not updated either my P2 or Hero4 since word went around in 2014 that updating can cause issues. Since I am not tech savvy, I have left well enough alone. Now that I am about to take my remote pilot's commercial license test, I know I am not in compliance with maintenance checks...
  8. WetDog

    Radio Upgrade Required ....

    P3P with Go app at 2.8.7 (iOS), RC at 1.8 and Aircraft at 1.4 - tried to fly today and the big red bolded letters at the top of the screen say I have to 'upgrade the radio'. Diddled around rebooting everything, relinked, tried a different RC. No joy. So I upgraded the RC figuring I have a...
  9. D

    Firmware ? HELP!!!

    Where can I send my son's P3 advanced to be fixed. He had to have the gimbal re-threaded & now gets Aircraft, Battery, & Gimbal update firmware warnings. We live in upstate NY (Albany) Thanks,
  10. Hilon

    iOS 10 compatibility and Go APP

    Hi.. Rased a query with DJI in respect of the Go App and the latest iOS 10 upgrade which I have not installed as yet. This was their reply. 'Dear Lewis, Thank you for contacting DJI Support. As far as I know there are no issue, (I have an IPAD 3 mini myself on IOS 10 and it works perfectly)...
  11. S

    Not connecting

    Ok I have done all firmware and software updates. I have only been able to fly twice since before the last firmware update. Now I can not connect to my drone in either program. Any ideas???? Thanks Freaking frustrated
  12. R

    Fly in Arizona and Kentucky

    Live in Arizona and Kentucky, depending on the time of year.
  13. F

    Who wants the new Active Tracking? I do!

    The new Phantom 4 looks great. Lots of new features. However I cannot afford to go out and buy the new phantom at £1200+ a go. But I would still like some of the features the new Phantom offers like Active Tracking. Its obviously software based. So come on DJI update your app please so...

    Do i need to update to dji go

    Ive just come back from a 2 week holiday to find out that the android version of dji go has come out along with another firmware update do i need to or maybe the better question is should i update i have been reading about problems with the app and rc firmware update problems am i best to keep...