1. D

    ESC Error after obstructed rotor - take a peek at my board?

    Hey everyone, thanks in advanced for any assistance. I have a p3pro that took a topple from a few feet and had its rotor(s) obstructed for a few seconds before i thought to kill it. it started throwing an esc error immediately after and wouldn't take off. I re-calibrated and it seemed to work...
  2. B

    Takeoff Balance Issues

    So I got a Phantom 1 done for Christmas and I flew it for the first time today. When I was taking off, if I didn't go full throttle and I kinda just eased into it, it would fall over. When it was in the air there didn't seem to be any balance issues. Does anyone know what could've caused this issue?
  3. nperic

    Phantom 1 wont takeoff after crash

    Hi everyone!! I had a bad experience some days ago with my phantom and it crashed :( It wasn't really high, around 3-4 meters, but it had a gimbal + a gopro so it was really heavy. The main frame had some marks, but overall it was looking good. I've removed the gimbal and the camera to test...
  4. D

    Take off issue - crooked flight leading to minor crash - p3 pro

    Hello, I did my first flight today. I calibrated the compass and took off from nice even asphalt pavement. I did a few basic maneuvers and then landed with no issue. I moved over to the center of a baseball diamond I wanted to film and photo from above. (In the app, the auto takeoff option...
  5. I

    Unexpected p3 takeoff

    I took it to a nice place to fly today. I couldnt find a spot with a total flat surface so i position it in a small tilt angle. Even my syma c5 would be able to takeoff like this no problem. I didnt even take off. just started the engines and the phanntom decided to punch it at full throttle...