stress crack

  1. G

    Phantom 4 stress cracks... Should I be worried

    I've only had about 50 flight on my phantom 4 pro, but I use sports mode a lot with it, I noticed these cracks yesterday and they're only on the back two wings, the crack on the back right wing made it so that the heat vent is loose and can shake around inside, I have DJI care activated for this...
  2. monkeychops

    DJI Repair UK - stress crack - will update thread

    Just had my P3A picked up by UPS for (hopefully) warranty repair in the Netherlands. Will update this thread with my experience here to help others in the UK. Photo of the crack attached.
  3. Johnny kercheval

    Stress cracks on shell below motors

    I was flying today and looked at the motors and noticed a bunch of cracks right below one of the motors on my p3 pro. All of the other motors are fine. Should i send it back to dji for a 8 week wait time or should i do a custom repair job with glue, then order reinforcement plates from amazon...
  4. jdwarren

    [Pics] P3P Stress Crack On Top Of Bird

    Hey All! Well I have developed some sort of crack on the top of my bird by the motor [see attached picture]. I just sent my bird [P3P] into DJI for repair yesterday, hopefully it will be free as that is what I have heard most others being. But most stress cracks I have seen pictures of...
  5. nonflyingbrick

    A stress crack stays stable with strong arms

    I have a stress crack in one of the arms. Because I can't send it in for free warranty repair, I installed the UAV BITS strong arms for removable prop guards, am I'm happy to report that after 19 flights (11 of those without prop guards), the crack has stayed stable. I think it'll stay stable...
  6. Bob Hyslop

    Bent props

    Hi Guys, Found a stress crack a couple of weeks ago on my P3a after only 4 flights. Whilst waiting for new shell to arrive I checked the props I had on during the flight and found a couple of them were slightly bent (one of which was 5mm over length of prop, tip to tip). Could this have...
  7. jephoto

    How to use Bondic on stress crack?

    OK then. Just discovered my first stress crack on my P3. Hoping I wouldn't, but here we are. Lots of you talk up this Bondic as a good solution. About to order it from Amazon - $21.95 for a starter kit What they...