1. dreweydrew

    Stream live using the DJI app to 'VerHub'. Amazing

    Hi 'ADO IT' have just released the IOS streemin app and the streemin website. Both allow streaming to, and viewing of, LIVE streams to VerHub, our database of LIVE streams. We have added an amazing facility to stream live from your DJI drone direct to VerHub. Free and really easy to set up...
  2. G

    My phone screen streaming results lost after 30/40 m

    Hi guys, i ve some troble with the live streaming on my phone, it disconnecting after about 30/40 m ( i ve phantom 3 pro ) , someone can help me? I live in italy, and i m using CE radio connection
  3. PapaTita

    How to Screen Mirroring on Phantom 3 Standard

    Easy way to screen mirroring on Phantom 3 Standard (base on Windows and Android) Check this out:
  4. Techcop50

    DJI Soon Beaming straight to Smart TVs...

    Anyone else seen this? DJI streams drone footage to your television
  5. PainterPilot

    Streaming video on P4P not sharp. Any ideas?

    hey, everyone, I finally got a chance to fly my P4P today (only one time so far), using an iPad Pro for my video. I noticed that the streaming video wasn't clear during flight like it was with my P4. With the P4, I would fly in video to see a sharp picture and switch to photos only when I was...
  6. Zmaro Sobrinho

    Streaming not enable

    I have Phantom 3 standard with DJI Go, and cellphone Lg g4 stylus. Recalling that it connects to the control by the wifi, so, to access the internet, access must be via 3g, ie I have to enable that the mobile phone is connected by WiFi to control and access the internet at 3g. This configuration...
  7. Zcholla

    Youtube Live streaming. Phantom 3 Standard. HOW???

    I am trying desperately to get the youtube live streaming to work on my P3S. I know I am connected to the Wifi the phantom itself but can't then transmit to Youtube with Cellular data. Does anyone out there know of how to do this with the Phantom 3 Standard. When I go to youtube live streaming...
  8. Argoxp

    Lowering quality of video preview on DJI app

    Hello all! Is it possible to lower the streaming quality between the drone and the cellphone preview ? lower bitrate or resolution, or even FPS? Im thinking that 1024×576 (or lower if possible) at 15 FPS should be enough. Any input is appreciated.
  9. Drestin Black

    FB Live vs YouTube Live

    I've used the FB Live feature several times and it's SO cool concept. I click a few keys and according to what I'm told on the DJI Go app I'm streaming away perfectly. I have a solid LTE signal and plenty of bandwidth and CPU performance; yet my viewers (confirmed myself with an iPhone 5...
  10. patchmanimal

    My Facebook Live stream looks terrible, how about yours?

    Hey, guys. I wanted to know if anyone else has tried the Facebook Live feature and how it looked for you. I tried it for the first time tonight and the results were pretty bad. Feed was real choppy and image quality was terrible. Drone was at varying distances from me and that didn't seem to...