sport mode

  1. phxbird57

    Trying a Phantom 4 STD in sport mode

    Running a little distance in a Phantom 4 STD in sport mode. Just to see how much battery it does take. wow.
  2. skydriver

    Only 30 MPH in P4P Sport Mode?

    After last firmware update I find that forward speed in Sport Mode (S) is the same as in "P" mode--about 29 MPH. When the mode lever is switched from P to S, or S to P, I do hear that little Beep indicating that the mode has changed. Can't tell if other S modes are taking effect but the drone...
  3. Henrik Olsen

    Sport mode SPEED test - How fast can you go?

    Hi Guys Been out playing around with sports mode to test the maximum speed. This is pretty crazy in my world getting up to around 40mph or more. I can easily see something go wrong at the speed. How fast have you guys tried to fly? My test was done with a Mavic but would be interesting to...
  4. Phantomix

    Is this normal?

    I use sport mode a lot. The few times I have tried rotating it at a normal speed while going 45-50 mph, it has really lost balance and "glitched" out (not sure how else to put it) I know the physics of the rotors and why this might happen, just trying to figure out if it is normal or a problem...
  5. SoCalDude

    New Speed Record (for me, at least!)

    I flew my drone today at 81.8 km/h (50.83 mph) for a short spurt coming off an ocean flight. There was a slight tailwind at 225° relative to my heading at 20.45 km/h (12.71 mph) This is the fastest I have ever flew the "Gainous One" aircraft. I got daring after watching a fellow pilot fly his...
  6. B

    Litchi and Phantom 4 and some other basic questions

    Hi, I'm fairly new to flying quadcopters, especially one like the Phantom 4 that has so much "computer" help. I've been saving my questions and I apologize if they have already been asked and answered. I've got about 40 flights using the DJI Go app and recently installed Litchi. I've read the...
  7. D

    Sport mode - 100km/h record

    This is my personal record with P4 Amazing bird!
  8. h8tow8

    Phantom 4 SPORT Mode!

    Decided to make a short little film w DJI's new Phantom 4 mainly in Sport Mode going full forward speed (up to 44mph) and full ascending speed (13mph). Toyed w Active Track using a boat as my first object in the end I lost the boat... circling at 22mph wasn't fast enough to keep up... we need...