1. KC5BRZ

    P3Std Flip/Spin-Flip on Launch

    Just acquired my first DJI product (P3 Std), used from a friend. I'm excited to get this unit in the air, but am having launch issues. On auto launch from the DJI GO app, P3 spins up and almost instantly flips upside down to the right. On manual launch with the controller both LF and RR motors...
  2. jimlips

    Litchi spinning at each waypoint

    Hello, I'm new to the forum. I've got a Phantom 3 Advanced, and have been successful running Litchi on my iPad, which I use on my controller. However, I tried a mission where it flies along several waypoints next to a road, and for some reason (I can't figure out), my aircraft spins around...
  3. D

    Best settings for flying over water

    Can anyone advise what the best settings are for flying over water with a P4? I find that my drone starts spinning after about a minute of hovering over water. I have tried turning off the vision positioning sensors, but it had no effect.
  4. F

    A couple of questions regarding motors (not spinning)

    Hi all, I went for a quick flight and soon after take of the (battery) alarm went of, I had this happen to me once before so I was eager to get the bird near the ground as quick as possible, so I descended over a grassy field hoping a potential crash would be softer on the grass. Anyway it...