snow flight

  1. IamWedge

    Winter's Beauty After A Blanket Of Snow

    I was talking to a guy the other day about how there has been a serious lack of snow this winter. I spoke to soon. We have had three bigger snow events since. There is another storm on the way for tonight.
  2. D

    First Snow on Valentia Island in 8 Years

    Valentia Island, on the extreme west coast of Southern Ireland, in County Kerry, saw it's first snowfall in 8 years, yesterday, thanks to "Storm Emma". Temperatures were below -4, but I managed to get the P4A up for a few minutes. Here is 90 seconds of it.
  3. odannyj

    Snowy Day IN Sky

  4. tyknows

    Drone Marriage Proposal

    While my fiancé is excited she just got engaged and has a shiny ring, I'm excited I was able to pull off capturing it all with my Phantom 3 Pro :) Here is a 2.5 minute cut: I was able to make her think I had to shoot some aerial footage (for video production I do with a nature conservancy in...
  5. MrJonesDroneFootagez

    Thoughts and opinions on some Snow footage of mine?

    First time flying in the snow! Tell me what I did wrong lol
  6. Capitan Bastos

    "Snow Angels" I was excited about the first snow, this for features on Ken Heron's Channel

    Anyone else on here featured in this:
  7. Skyer

    Winter Is Coming - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Happy 2017 everyone! Before autumn was officially over, the first snow fall brought beautiful sights, and the premise of a cold snowy winter. After the holiday break I finally got a chance to edit this footage, which includes a little off-roading/droning in the snow towards the end of the...
  8. Sunnaroe

    I owe all of you a sincere thanks-so Thanks

    Long story short-Im a noob who ,if not for this forum matching my every google search verbatim,wouldnt know where to begin.Not one post is lame if you ask me. With that being said let me get on to my lame questions-lol. Im in Cincinnati-great cityscape without any major obstacles from my...
  9. Helihover

    Snow Day in Oregon City!

  10. Skyer

    Frosty Fall Morning Flight - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hi everyone! Here's a video filmed after the first frosty & snowy morning of this Fall. A couple of days later we had much more snow, so I'll be editing and posting a follow up video soon... Thanks for watching! Comments, Likes, and new Subscribers are always appreciated :)
  11. BigAl07

    Snow Precautions

    Just out of curiosity I was wondering what others do to "prepare" your P3A or P3P for flight in flurries and snow showers. I know many do it and just wondering what you do ahead of time and what success/failures you've had in flying in snow. I flew a week ago "between" snow showers and when...
  12. Suspended Moments

    Flew P3 Pro ahead of snowstorm today, RISK?

    I've seen videos on waterproofing hulls and so on... I sent up my P3 Pro today in order to video an incoming snowstorm.. held out as the flakes began and then landed before the blast of wind came with the front. I would like to know if anyone here has flown their P3 Pro in active snowfall and...