1. J

    How To Fly at Consistent / Smooth Slower Speeds?

    Hi Everyone; With my P3A I am finding it difficult to fly consistently at slower speeds (for instance, 2mph horizontal speed), or ascending / descending at consistent vertical speeds. What are the best ways to have consistent slow speeds? When I am filming, I am usually trying for somewhere...
  2. t2adze

    How to achieve Tripod mode on P3?

    Hey I wanna know if there is a possibility to adjust settings in DJI GO, so the P3A will fly SLOWLY like a P4 does in Tripod Mode. Any suggestions would be nice to hear Thanks
  3. R

    Trying to get smooth speed transitions. 1 mph?

    I am a bit new to Litchi, but must say that I am enjoying it so far. What I am trying to do is get smooth speed acceleration and deceleration from certain way points. Example, I would like waypoint 1 to start off slowly and gain speed to its cruising speed of 10 miles an hour gradually. Then...
  4. ChucklesMcChuckleson

    It's not your computer that sucks, It's DJI and Premiere that do.

    I've researched the issue since I'm having the choppy playback when I import my footage. A lot of people are saying its 4k, your computer is not powerful enough make proxies etc. etc. My computer specs I7-6700k GTX 780 Ti 32gb of RAM 4 SSD drives. I recently cut this video This was all shot...
  5. KB_Colorado

    P4P Flies slow, wont hover

    I have had my P4P for a few weeks, up till now now issues. I went out to fly this morning and had issues; the copter flew extremely slow (both horiz. and vert). Were talking 2-3 MPH. I tries speed mode and it went up a few, but still slow. Also the copter would not hover, it kept dropping...
  6. J

    One motor spinning slow before take off - is this issue?

    Might be a silly question but my dad has a DJI Phantom Vision 2 + and when you start up motors before take off one seems to be running slow when you look directly down on them, also when you power it down it shuts off much quicker. We did not want to fly it incase there was an issue, has this...
  7. Zorro

    Slow motion test P4P

    I have just been on a trip filming some waterfalls and a cliff along the coast in Norway. Decided to test out slowmotion as I had filmed some close up of the waterfalls. Filmed in 60fps and and interpreted in a 23,976 sequence in Adobe Premiere Pro. I have made a slowdown ramp down to 10% with...
  8. N

    Advanced 3 problems - considering to have it sent for service

    So after a couple of months I'm not really happy with my purchase. Problem 1: I always have compass problems no matter what I do (tried every trick in the book) and where I am. This makes me a nervous wreck every time I fly. Problem 2: After the latest FW update my HDR images started having...
  9. R

    Professional Why is my P3P slow?

    I have just bought a new P3P and after flying it, it seems slower than the P2v3 that I had. Is there something in the settings that would be keeping the horizontal speed down? Could just be perception, but I thought that I would ask :) Thanks!
  10. S

    How do you make it go slower?

    I am doing a lot of video where I want the drone to move at around 3 mph. This requires an extremely light touch on the stick. Is there anyway to change the settings so that maximum stick results in 7 mph instead of 35mph? If so, is there a way of quickly switching out of it if a 10mph wind...
  11. C

    Professional Battery taking 20hrs to charge

    I'm new to the p3 pro world. For some reason my DJI batterys are talking all night to charge. The battery's have only been charged 9-11 times and show 100% health. I am using the DJI 100w charger. When unit was new the battery's charged in about an hr. I have tried to take one batt down to the...
  12. rickray

    Is the P3P too fast a bird for good controlled 4k filming?

    Let me preface by saying that few people on this forum ever complain that their quad flies TOO FAST. But I will offer this opinion. I fly primarily to shoot beautiful aerials in 4k. And I find it very very hard to fly slow enough to get truly good aerials. It requires way too much joystick...