1. D

    Switch Wlan Settings popup troubles

    Hello, I reclently bought a Phantom 3 SE after having a DJI Sparkle. I have some issues with it, I can connect to it and pilot it but i still have that popup going on screen and that is really annoying because it hides the camera vision on smartphone : I tried switching channels and Frequency...
  2. Grotz

    Video size is different on the same day

    Phantom 3 Standard. I flew three flights on the same day using the Auto settings. I took three videos each about the same length of time. The first two were about 2 gigs and the third was not even one gig of data which made that video very poor quality. Question: what could have changed, or why...
  3. B

    Erratic max ceiling setting in DJI Go 4, P4P

    HI All, So Iv been having this issue for a couple months now. Any ideas/comments appreciated. I cant seem to make the issues happen or not happen. Its very random. Which is making it difficult to fix. Issue: On launching dji go 4 app, max altitude setting is set to 0 (zero). Sometimes RTH...
  4. B

    Disable Max AGL Limit

    I'll preface by saying... I'm NOT attempting to circumvent FAA recommendations so please don't chastise me for asking this question without seeing & understanding the context. I'm standing near the base of a +2,000-ft mountain and launching my P3P. I want to fly up the side of the mountain...
  5. S

    Dji phantom 3 isn't working

    Hello I fly a dji phantom 3 standard I went away for the weekend to fly the drone wouldn't go over 30m and somthing like 50m distance I checked settings beginner mode is off Max distance is off Max flight alititude is at 120m Once I hit 30m altitude a warning comes up "max flight altitude...
  6. T

    Camera Setting Help

    Hi fellow enthusiasts!! Recently upgraded from a Bebop 1 to a P4P. I'm still quite inexperienced and although I can fly the bird and get some nice Moving shots I'm struggling a bit with focusing and camera settings. Wondering if anyone could help explain the ISO and all the finer details. 9...
  7. F

    Noise/grain on video

    Hi all, I know that this subject has come up before but I've tried everything and I still seem to be getting some noise on my videos for some reason. I use a phantom 3 professional. Hoping for any other possible suggestions... When I shoot video I always use the following manual settings: 4K...
  8. D

    Advice needed for night camera settings.

    I have a promo to shoot for a football club and it will be done at night with spotlights lighting the field. How should I have my camera settings? Any advice is appreciated.
  9. W

    Night Photo spots??

    Hello, ive had my phantom for a while now and have done a lot of night pics but recently theyve been coming out with weird white dots everywhere. if anyone knows what setting i can change to fix that (theyre RAW) that would be awesome. Also if anyone has any settings advice on long exposure...
  10. Americanhammer

    Best settings for photos & videos

    I'm trying to get some great pictures & videos with my p3 4k but they don't look as clean/sharp as others I have seen. I tried to move the settings & now I have white & black lines in the sun. What's the best setting to use to take the best shots? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. UnlimiteDrone

    Best Settings for your Phantom

    Here is a helpful Guide about the optimal camera settings for the Phantom Click here for the Guide Thanks for reading and would be great if you leave some feedback
  12. thefrisbee995

    Obstacle Avoidance Keeps Turning Off!!???

    So I have the latest P4P firmware and Go application on my iPhone 7+ but for some reason, if I enable OA for use during RTH, it seems to get unselected every time I quit the app. Is this normal? It's annoying because nothing else goes back to default except that one setting... Makes me less...
  13. J


  14. C

    How to record on the DJI Go app while using an iPhone 4

    Help me! I'm using an iPhone 4 to control my drone and lately and it's been working perfect. The only problem that constantly happens to occur is I can't see any of the buttons on the right when in flight mode. I can't see the record button, photo button but yet I can see the three dots in the...
  15. I

    Phantom 4 Pro Best Settings

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum I just bought a P4P and I was wondering what are the best settings for the equipment, camera, sensors etc? Thank you
  16. vcinfio

    Aperture Phantom 4 Pro Megathread

    I recently upgraded from a phantom 3 pro to phantom 4 pro and with this upgrade, comes the addition of an aperture setting. My understanding is that the phantom 3 pro had a fixed aperture at F2.8. My main question is when would you ever need to use a smaller aperture than F2.8? I understand...
  17. SoCalDude

    Does a Video have EXIF Camera Information?

    I know there are some basic information embedded within a video file, but what about information relating to the camera and camera settings used when capturing the video? I want to look at videos of mine and see what the shutter speed and ISO settings used in the capture.
  18. IWILZ

    DJI GO - Advanced settings

    Hi to all... We have spent a lot of money for our drone but there is not a good "official" description of some settings on DJI GO (but i hope we can do it together). For example i don't exactly know what means the following settings: [MC Settings/Advanced settings] Stick filtering [MC...
  19. Nighthawk

    Help needed for sunset photography

    Hi everyone. I am planing on taking some shots of our local sunset this evening. I have a p3a and was just wondering if you guys have some tips from experience for me? Anything i should be aware of or any particular setting i should use? Thanx
  20. SoCalDude

    Disconcerting Situation When Setting RTH Altitude

    So, I'm out in the field today with my P4 and DJI Go v3.0 (this week's update) and I'm setting my RTH altitude--at least I'm attempting to. I could not set any altitude (RTH, max alt, etc). I fought with this for 30 minutes--killing/restarting the Go app, rebooting my iPad Air 2, turning...