1. D

    Camera imaging not showing up on tablet

    Hello, I have had my Phantom 4 Pro repaired due to a crash. When it came back funky things were happening to the image displayed on my Samsung Galaxy tablet, to the point it displayed everything EXCEPT the actual view the camera sees. I troubleshot it with tech support including using a cell...
  2. N

    No image on new tablet (black screen)

    Hello Phantom pilots, I'm having a problem I hope someone is able to help me with. I've just bought a new tablet and connected it with the dji Phantom 3 SE. Maps work, but I have no view on the screen. It's just black. My older tablet works fine, but had lots of scratches on the screen, so I...
  3. K

    Phantom 4 Pro Plus Controller and Cache

    Hey everyone, I've once downloaded the cache video onto my computer, but when I try to do it again.. on the controller I can see all cache video and images but when I looked in the Cache_Image files only the ones i previously downloaded are available. Why can't I see the recently cached...
  4. G

    My phone screen streaming results lost after 30/40 m

    Hi guys, i ve some troble with the live streaming on my phone, it disconnecting after about 30/40 m ( i ve phantom 3 pro ) , someone can help me? I live in italy, and i m using CE radio connection
  5. D

    Wanted: Phantom 4 Pro Remote

    Looking for a P4P remote (one without the display). I do have a P4 remote which I could use for trading. Also I have a P4P+ remote (with the display), which I could be interested in swapping with. I am based in the UK so ideally someone in the UK, but again I'm pretty flexible. Cheers, Dave
  6. D

    Phantom 4 Pro+ Remote

    Hi Guys, Sorry if this post is a little familiar, but I've been finding conflicting comments so was looking for a specific answer from anyone you knows. I have a P4P+ remote and I'm not happy with it as I did not realise you would not even be able to use all DJI software on it. I was hoping to...
  7. Gabriel Lehto Gomes

    Remote screen froze during the flight on Phantom 4 Pro Plus

    I'm loving the Phantom 4 Pro Plus! The screen integrated is very practical and very convenient. But after today I'm very concern about it... The screen froze during the flight... thank God I didn't lose the control of the bird and I landed it without any problem... but I'm very concerned if...
  8. W

    Mobile Device Screen Damage using Virtual Reality Mode

    After using the Virtual Reality mode in Litchi for only about 15 minutes, I now have permanently burned pixel blotches on either end of my mobile device screen. After researching I've found pilots with similar issues in the DJI forums. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with my P3S. If anyone else...
  9. S

    A Flying Screen?

    Hi folks, I am from Toronto (Canada) running an Indiegogo campaign where you can preorder Focal Point and build your flying screen. All you need is a drone (DJI Phantom 3+) and smartphone. I also have some cool perks where I'll play your video in the air and send you a recording!
  10. S

    Build Your Flying Screen Using Drone

    Hi folks, I am from Toronto (Canada) running an Indiegogo campaign where you can preorder Focal Point and build your flying screen. All you need is a drone (DJI Phantom 3+) and smartphone/screen. Let me know if you have any questions.
  11. P

    iPad mini 4 or iPad Pro 9.7 or iPad Air?

    Hi all, I know there's been a few threads on this already, but I'm looking for a few specific answers and hope you can help! I would like to upgrade from using my iPhone 6 as the screen on the remote to something a bit bigger where I can see more details and frame my shots better. - Which...
  12. tml4191

    HDMI tablet = Dual Screen Setup for P4P p3/ p4 w/ custom MOLD

    F/S is a Flysight HD900 tablet with 2 custom mounts. One mount is for a table, while the other is custom fitted for a dual setup on your RC. This is made out of thermoplastic, so don't place the mold in a hot environment that is 140+ Fahrenheit. It is currently molded for a iphone 6, but I can...
  13. A

    Stand Alone Extra Bright Tablet

    I REALLY hope DJI starts selling the tablet(s) as a stand alone item. The Phantom 4 Pro has the 5.5 inch, but I believe I heard they are offering a 7.5 or 8 inch with the Inspire as well. So, if they would sell these as separate accessories, I would be all over it. I have trouble justifying...
  14. J

    New sun shield/launch pad for Ipad

    Hi all, i'm a UK based photographer. I've been toying around with my Phantom 3 Advanced for a while and have always found the sun shields you can buy for the ipad air totally useless so i've invented my own called the 'Sunbox'! It's here on Kickstarter: Sunbox - ipad screen drone sunshade It's...
  15. H

    Which iPAD model do you suggest to fly with Phantom 3 Professional?

    I am currently using a 4.7 inch phone with P3P controller which is too small. I plan to buy either an iPhone 6+, iPAD mini 4 or iPAD air 2 to fly with P3P. What is your suggestion on the screen size? Thanks.
  16. nark

    Remove HDMI OSD (On-Screen Display) info?

    Hi guys! Just got the P3P with the HDMI board for the RC. All works fine but I need to capture the video feed from the RC via HDMI to a capture card, just like a camera but the video feed has the OSD (On-Screen-Display) info over it, therefore it's unusable (for me). I have searched everywhere...
  17. I

    HDMI is here - Which screen to use?

    I read the posts here about which tablet to use. Looks like there are few good options. Now that I bought the hdmi upgrade, do I still need a tablet or i can just hook up a screen that supports hdmi? Which screen is recommended? Also, why is everyone using ipad air 2 and not ipad 3?