1. IcyProps

    Who's up for a challenge? Diagnosing P4P v2 gimbal issues

    Hello folks. Here's the good news: I got some great shots. The bad news: My P4P v2 got pretty beaten up. This challenge is for those with some experience diagnosing and repairing these drones and, specifically, the gimbals. I've got it back to full flight capabilities with the exception of a...
  2. smackc4

    Local Brisbane Tech?

    Hi guys - can anyone recommend any local techs (Brisbane or Ipswich area, QLD Australia) who could take a look at my P3S (gimbal has stopped working)? Much appreciated.
  3. C

    drone repair in UK

    I hope this is appropriate for this forum: I am not advdertising in any way. However, for drone pilots in UK, I feel I must say this. I have just had a repair done by The Drone Doctor. Their repair & postage costs were reasonable. However, I had a problem with the courrier, DPD, & to my...
  4. B

    P4P crash today - now what?

    After about 10 flights I crashed my drone. I have read about flight logs and such - still pretty new to all of this. I was video recording the flight - there is a .mov file on the SD card that can't be opened - it was the crash video. I think I either hit a telephone line, or hit the ground...
  5. D

    Phantom 4 repair maanual

    Is there a repair appp for p4

    Drone Repair Recommendations San Francisco Bay Area

    Hi. We're looking for a drone repair location within the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyone here has any recommendations? It appears to to be the outer casing and possibly some of the wiring. Other than that it appears to be functioning normally for 3 of the other propellers. Thanks.
  7. Stevedots

    Stress Crap

    Hello All, I know the stress cracks in the Phantom 3 Advanced aren’t a new topic but I think I’m the first to have this happen. After discovering stress cracks both on the bottom and top shells I opened her up and I was shocked to see what I found! Not only multiple micro cracks but two of...
  8. R

    P3 radio repair.

    My radio fell and the housing split in half at the seam. This caused the video cable to come loose. Any thoughts on where to get it repaired?
  9. Dr Crashmenot

    Central Georgia Macon and Surrounding

    Looking for a Flight and filming partner. Retired disabled Vet looking for fellow pilots in the Middle Ga area for outings to fly and film, swap fishing lies and fly some more. Lots of fun flying, more fun doing it in gatherings. I got a 2 inch toy for Christmas and now I'm a 8 rotor junkie. I...
  10. Skyler King III

    DJI Repair Scam. I am suing

    Over the last year or so I have had a few minor "accidents" with my DJI drones (I have P4, P4P, Inspire 1 V2.0, Mavic, Spark). Each time, even though it might be a warranty issue or a very minor repair, they send me an invoice for some $500 to $600 with listed replacements of body, landing gear...
  11. S

    It won't start engines after repairs.

    Hi all! Thanks for reading this. I've had a crash with my Phantom 3 4K model. It hit a tree and came down from about 15 meters. The battery also flew out and is a total loss sadly. When we examined the drone for damage we decided to replace the following parts since they had visible damage...
  12. D

    Indianapolis Drone Repair

    Hi, My name is Daniel Smirnov with Smirnov's Computer Repair located in Carmel. I'm an Informatics Major, have consistently been on the Dean's list, and am TestOut PC Pro Certified. We've been repairing and building all types of tech for years. Be it drones, printers, TV's, computers, you...
  13. A

    Replacement of gimbal and camera.

    Okay first off, I am new using forums and drones, so I do hope I post this question in the right section anyways: I own a DJI 3 Standard which sadly happened to crash today. The rotors broke, so I replaced them with the spares that I got in the box, worse though is that the camera broke off...
  14. C

    ESC Status Error after attempted repair of motors. Looking for advice/ a good repair company

    Hi everyone, tl;dr: Tried to replace motors, received ESC Status Error on DJI GO app. Considering sending it in to get fixed professionally. Don't know if I should send it to DJI or to a 3rd party company. Pictures are embedded below. I crashed my P3A into a wall and two of the arms were bent...
  15. S

    Any repair services in Kansas?

    Just got my brand new P3 pro. First flight, clipped a tree and had a hard crash from about 30 feet. Came down sideways landing on one of the arms. Bent it. Gimbal looks to be OK. But arm is bent and plastic casing is cracked. I have no idea what to do. Does anyone know of there is...
  16. S

    Am I F'd? 1st day, slow landing on grass, disaster!

    Hey All, I've got about 9 minutes of flying under my belt-- read the manual, watched videos, 1st day-- In an open field, calibrate compass, good to go. I take some one minute flights, using auto takeoff and auto land. Before I took it up the last time, there was some kind of warning on the...
  17. L

    DJI Zenmuse X5 Gimbal repair?

    Hi, Not sure if I am posting in the right thread of the forum, apologies if not. My Inspire crashed and now the camera needs repairing. Any suggestions for where would be the best and cheapest place to have this done, UK or abroad? The silver element needs to be replaced and the band retuned...
  18. Photojeg

    My Drone Nerds Repair Odyssey So Far

    On February 25th Drone Nerds acknowledged receiving my Phantom 3 Pro for repair. In the email they stated "Our technicians will begin work on your unit roughly 10-14 business days from now. At that time we will contact you with a quote for the repairs." After emails (never replied to) and phone...
  19. Bateman233

    Need Advice on Repairing a Wounded Bird

    My bird (P3 Pro) took a hard fall onto dirt/grass from an altitude of about 30' after one of the props rocketed off (Landed upside down). Overall, I was pretty dang fortunate that the damage is somewhat minor. However, I am needing some advice on how to repair the bent camera arm (see photo)...
  20. P

    Repairs to Phantom

    My phantom 2 lost reception over the water and went into the water. It was under water for about 8 hrs before I could recover it. I removed the battery and let it dry out for over 2 weeks over a heater vent before trying to test it. Two of the lifts under the propellers work but that's all...