1. B

    FAA drone rule changes. Take action now to keep flying!

    Not sure if you have seen it but the FAA have proposed new rules for UAVs that will require remote transponders. This can have many consequences for drone pilots including additional costs and can really harm hobbyist and commercial drone usage. You can find more information and a link to give...
  2. chapsrlz

    regulations in japan and south korea, im travelling next week.

    hi guys. in a couple weeks im travelling to south korea (seoul) and japan (fukuoka, beppu, hiroshima, osaka, nara, kyoto, tokyo, etc) and im planning to bring the quad with me. about a couple years ago i went with a p2 but im pretty sure things have change a lot so any thoughts about...
  3. Mimis Simos

    Greece drone rules - DAGR

    Hello all, this is an information post regarding drone rules in Greece. The only official source regarding drone flying in Greece is Hellenic CAA's Drone Aware - GR (also called DAGR, website: From the application intro: Drone Aware - GR (DAGR) is a real-time UAS (drone)...
  4. P

    Drone Laws in Portugal

    Hello, My friends and I are visiting Lisbon this week-end and I was wondering if I would take my P4P with me. Does anyone know the laws about droning in Portugal and especially in Lisbon. Thx for your help guys.
  5. F

    Regulations - explanation

    Hello, Iam trying to understand regulations to fly drones. I am from Czech Republic and here, we can't fly in cities or over the people or cars.. There are of course some videos but people are going crazy and theres so much criticism about illegal footage that creators have to delete them. My...
  6. wattage

    Drone supposedly flown 20m from aircraft in UK

    Football-sized drone flown 20m from Heathrow-bound plane - BBC News Reading through this, I couldn't help thinking this is absolute nonsense. A 'football sized' quadcopter that can reach 11,000ft altitude. Really? Sounds to me they had another near miss with a polythene bag.
  7. camfirstflyer

    New Regs for Drones in Canada

    Drone knowledge testing 'to avoid disaster' part of Transport Canada rules proposal Summary: - Device registration - Knowledge test - Age limits (14-16 years) - Liability insurance for recreational drones over 250 grams (9 oz.) meanwhile it will be easier to get commercial license: "You go...
  8. E

    OK to fly over people when flying inside buildings?

    After studying for the sUAS operators (part 107) test I understand we cannot fly legally over people without a waiver. That is fine for me as I can get the shots I need for work without flying over people anyway. But I've been seeing footage in ads and online where a drone is flying over...
  9. P

    Class D & E airspace.

    So can you guy's give some info on the different type of air spaces as well as the restrictions some may have. I live in a Class D airspace and I haven't been flying lately due to this reason.
  10. M

    Government Restrictions

    I'm on the FAA site and am reviewing the FAQ: Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Frequently Asked Questions Look at the Q&A below Do I need approval from the FAA to fly a model aircraft for recreation or hobby? No, but your aircraft must be registered if it weighs more than 0.55 lbs. FAA...
  11. riverphantom3

    Laws and regulations for NC

    Hello I am a new proud owner of the Phantom 3 standard and I was concerned about the laws and regulations for the state of North Carolina?
  12. K

    Flight Regulations

    I am stationed in Germany an just ordered a P3P. How do I go about researching regulations for flight restrictions? I want to fly around historic sites (e.g. old churches, castles, bridges, etc.) as well as in the mountains in Bavaria. Watching videos on YouTube, it seems the restrictions are...