1. B

    Advice for recovery after an ocean swim

    Hi guys, apologies if you're sick of these posts but I would love some advice. After having my P3P for three years, today I crashed her for the first time while on the Greek island of Milos. While on a boat trip, I crashed into some huge rocks that come out of the ocean, it tumbled down a couple...
  2. GodFear17

    Gotta see this, Epic drone recovery from 170 foot tall cross!!

    We did it, first attempt was an adrenaline rush like crazy. Hope you enjoy. Us phantom guys saving the quad racers lol.
  3. jdwarren

    Lesson Learnt: Back up your data or risk losing it all!

    Hey all, Just lost all the data from a full day of shooting on the P4P thanks to my MAC. I transferred the data from my MicroSD card to my external hard drive. Used the computer for 30 minutes doing other things After the transfer was complete, I re-formatted my microSD card to use for...
  4. SteveMLexington

    Recovery from near Disaster

    I thought I would share a recent experience in hopes that if any of you have a similar experience you may be able to recover from it. I have had my Phantom 4 about two months and have flown around 10 hours. I feel pretty confident in my abilities, but realize I have much more to learn. Three...
  5. Drestin Black

    Hit a tree - Lived to tell the tale (video)

    So, it goes like this: I decided; lets play with Follow Me mode, at night. Too slow. OK, I'll drive and fly the Phantom as well. It's 4:30 am and the streets in my subdivision are quiet. There are plenty of large, tall trees in the neighborhood but the city keeps them trimmed back from...
  6. Skyler King III

    Latest on Parachute Recovery for Phantom 4 ?? Anyone ?

    Has there been any recent comments on best parachute recovery system for Phantom 4 that doesn't require any permanent mods to case etc? Also interested on how it effects flight qualities (obviously when it's NOT deployed).
  7. Air5

    Phantom 3 Crash Near The Smoky Mountains

    I experienced what I believe is a prop failure on my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced in Gatlinburg, TN. NEAR but NOT at the Smoky Mountains National Park. I had several successful flights throughout the week and a total of 327 flights total on this P3 frame. I was flying DJI Carbon Fiber props when it...
  8. Phantom on Ice - YouTube

    Phantom on Ice - YouTube

    On a wintry day in New England, I accidentally lost my DJI Phantom 1.1.1 quadcopter drone on a thin skim of ice on the pond in my back yard. This is a story of loss and recovery.
  9. W

    GPS Flight Record

    The record of a flight is recorded in the Phantom 3 DJI app and can be displayed and this record flight "reflown" virtually. The app must be recording the GPS locations in order to do this. Is there a way to actually see the GPS coordinates that have been recorded? I would like to be able to...