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  1. Distance Test of Phantom 3 with Range and Signal Extender +10DBI Booster on RC GL 300 B

    Distance Test of Phantom 3 with Range and Signal Extender +10DBI Booster on RC GL 300 B

    Connected the stock RC 300C of a Phantom 3 with high gain antennae using large section cables. Can fly as far as the battery will carry the drone with full ...
  2. B

    Beginner phantom 3 crasher (pilot) advice on range extender

    Please can anyone advise me on the best range extender I can buy for my phantom 3 standard. I know about the magic power 5 thing but is it worth upgrading the control aerial. And and other upgrades I can do to get more out of my phantom 3 standard.
  3. G

    phantom 3 4K range extender advice help

    Please help I’ve been trying to research from what I can tell so far it’s looking like the itelite would be my best bet but I’m finding all kinds of mixed reviews on each one I look up can anyone give me first hand experience?
  4. D

    P4Pv2 Range Extender?

    Hi, Just got a P4Pv2 and get some interferance after 3000 ft but still happy with it but curious if anyone has gotten any aftermarket range extenders. I see a couple from Drone world and another. Curious if anyone has used any of these and if they are worth it? Drone World DJI - EvoLite Kit...
  5. D

    What is considered good range in the City?

    I'm curious what is considered good range in a crowded city with apartment buildings, trees exct. So far I have done the following modifications Both 2.4ghz antenna mods with Amps and same on the 5.8ghz. I have Alpha panels and upgraded the 2.4 GHz birdside antennas with P3 pro antennas. (Pics...
  6. New Phantom Owner

    Average factory and best modified range? On P3S

    Just bought my first DJI product. I know it's not a P4 however I am very happy with it. My only complaint is the range. I am getting a signal loss message at around 1100ft. Planning to buy a tri (2x 2.4ghz 8db and 1x 5.8ghz 10db) onmnidirectional antenna kit and install it on my controller. New...
  7. smackc4

    I PROVED IT! 5Ghz Wifi Booster DOES give extra range

    I PROVED IT! 5Ghz Wifi Booster DOES give extra range! Nothing like you see on youtube where miraculously a P3S goes 10 miles (LOL) BUT; Did manage over 1600+ Metres (5300 feet). Tested during one of my YouTube vlogs out at a dam, clear of obstructions;
  8. Araya38

    4Hawks vs ARGtek

    Hey flyers! I have a Phantom 3 Standard and i'm debating on which range extender to get. The two that I'm looking at are the ARGtek and teh 4Hawks Raptor for the Phantom 3 Standard. Have any of you used either one of these? I can't find a lot of reviews on the 4Hawks. Whats your thoughts on...
  9. M

    Recommendation on upgrading signal for P3A

    Im looking to extend my range for my Phantom 3 Advanced. I know this topic is posted almost every day but Im hoping some of the more experienced pilots and enthusiasts can assist me in a decision. Im a college student without much money so I am trying to get as much bang for buck as possible...
  10. JonEQuest

    Modified GL300B /MAXX UAV & HD Tablet mount $190

    I no longer have a P3 so I am selling my Modified remote controller with Maxx UAV DBS-02 panel. This remote got me about 70% more distance than stock and works way better and more consistent than wind surfers. It also has a heavy duty aluminum phone tablet mount so that if you use a tablet it...
  11. M

    Itelite DBS mods P3P troubleshoot

    Hi All, I just got the Itelite DBS mods upgrade for my P3P. I installed last night and it seemed to go ok. I went out for a flight today and have the exact same range as I had with stock antennas. It's quite bizzare, I'm wondering what are some possible issues for this? I'm thinking it...
  12. H

    One WiFi antenna not connected?

    I was installing an Argtek kit on my P3s and managed to clear the white gunk from the 3 connectors, and disconnect them & get them out of the way. Then I checked what needed to be done to connect the new antennas. On the board where the WiFi antennas go, something wasn't right as I could not...
  13. P

    Antenna Boost / Range Extender for P3A

    Hello! I´m looking for a range extend for my Phantom 3 Advanced. Here what I found: - http://www.argtek.com/en/2-1718-136704/product/WiFi-Range-Extender-Manufacturer-in-Taiwan-id496184.html - DJI - EvoLite Kit Plus -...
  14. B

    P4P antenna booster - dBi #?

    Hi again guys, I REALLY want top distance/range from my P4P without signal loss - but I only wanna buy once, so I've gotta get it right! I completely get GHz now, I just don't really know what dBi numbers (high or low) mean to distance/range in generally wide open spaces. (..I'm far from big...
  15. hionbusa

    Controller remote with MAX UAV ITELITE RANGE BOOSTER

    Moving to the dji mavic. Makes more sense for my type of flying.. Up for sale is a great condition gl300b remote with MAXX UAV ANTENNA ----- ITELITE - DJI RANGE BOOSTER ITE-DBS02.2 -Works on phantom 3 pro /phantom 3 advanced / phantom 4 . - Remote is GL300B with the maximum range capability...