1. F

    Only 3 (of 4!) LEDs flash while charging.

    Dear friends... The radio control of my P3A only turns on 3 of the 4 LEDs when it is charging. The 4th LED does not light up at any time during charging, when the LEDs suddenly switch off, indicating that the charge is complete. When I open the DJI Go app, it appears that the RC battery is only...
  2. mattdbal

    Radio Line of Sight Surveying

    Hey everyone, *Note: I did a bit of searching before deciding to post this I use drones for microwave/radio tower inspection and sometimes line of sight surveying. As we all know, phantoms don't have a zoom on the camera which is proving line of sight surveying to be difficult. Does anyone...
  3. dotster77

    promotion ended

    promotion ended..
  4. D

    First flight - RIP

    Hey guys, drone_crasher is in the house... I flew near a cruise port yesterday evening, hoping to take some great videos of leaving ships but suddenly my screen blacked out - 'aircraft disconnected' - all 18 satellites were gone and my reception as well. I was waiting for the drone to return...
  5. Phil Tuggle

    Radio Suggestions? ICOM? Sporty's? Yaesu? Walmart (kidding)?

    Has anyone found a good radio for monitoring the controlled airspace and talking to ATC (especially for when you are authorized and inside/under it)? I would like to buy something new and with a warranty, but do not need all the bells and whistles like glide slope and VOR and such. Is there...
  6. A

    Multiple Phantoms independently from same computer?

    Is it possible to operate via automation multiple phantoms from the same computer if so, what kind of transmitter are you using and why did you select the software you currently would use. Andrew Johnson
  7. D

    Wanted P3P stock radio antenna

    I have a broken radio antenna and would like to replace with stock antenna. Than you! DJI3PSCOTT
  8. PilotHal

    Phantom 3 Pro Controller - Like New! Model GL300A - PRICE DROP!

    Hey Folks; I have a Phantom 3 Professional Controller in like-new condition that I need to sell. It's been used 4 times and, as you can see, is totally mint. Scroll down for images. I am including a link to a 00:20 second video showing you the unit and proving that it powers on/off. Asking...
  9. dougmckenzie

    Using a different radio with a Phantom 2. Gimbal control

    I still intend using my FrSkyTaranis X9D Plus LBT and an X8R receiver with my DJI Phantom 2. Is there one video out there that shows every single step (ideally in slow motion when it comes to setting up the Taranis :eek:) that is designed for someone who has never even touched any other radio...