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  1. B

    Phantom 3 Pro Post Crash GPS Issues

    I crashed my P3 Pro and replaced the whole gimbal and camera with the Advanced gimbal and camera, as it was cheaper and i knew they were interchangeable. I changed the drones firmware from professional to advanced, and when I went to fly everything was green and good to go. When taking off the...
  2. Vince O

    P3S Didn't RTH Right Away After Signal Loss

    Hey guys, thanks for checking this thread out. Here is the video. Any ideas why it took a minute or so to come home?
  3. Procharged97

    P2 and P3 Bazooka Dipoles!!!

    Hey guys if your looking to mod your bird with dipoles check these out. These are a great match if your using DBS Itelite panels. These are a lot better than the other ones out there and are strong and use silver plated coax. 2.4GHz Bazooka Dipoles