polar pro

  1. jephoto

    Want to Buy- Polar Pro ND filter set for P4P

    Hi gang. Looking to buy a set of Polar Pro ND filters for my Phantom 4 pro V2. And if not polar pro than any other good quality set of straight ND filters. I have a set of ND/PLs, but need some straight NDs for when I’m doing panoramic photos as well as video.
  2. Kman

    PolarPro Phantom 4 Pro parts for sale!

    Hey all, cleaned my room and found some parts that I figure I would sell. Everything is brand new, never opened, seal still intact, except for the lens cover (used it once or twice). Still looks new. I will ship within the USA only. All prices are USD or best offer. I will include FedEx Express...
  3. drumrocker365

    [SOLD] Phantom 3 Standard w/ backpack, extra battery + more

    I'm selling my Phantom 3 Standard drone I don't use anymore. It's in excellent condition and has barely been used. Asking $475 + shipping and it comes with the following: Drone and remote 2 OEM authentic batteries, barely used Polar Pro Drone Trekker backpack Standard battery charger 100W DJI...
  4. I

    The New PolarPro app is awesome

    Polar pros New app version on iOS is nothing short of awesome! ND filter selection, KP Chart, weather, wind, golden time timer... A must for every drone flyer.... and its free,,,
  5. T

    Polar pro nd filters

    Hey, I just got my new Mavic pro, I'm really happy with this drone. But now i want to buy some nd filters from polar pro. But can't choose between the cinema vivid or the shutter set. I know in the vivid there wil be a nd4 and in the shutter there wil be a nd32 but i gonna buy one of them extra...
  6. jamesmorano

    Persona - "Say What You Say" Lyric Video - Phantom 4

    I had an amazing time filming and editing a lyric video for Persona’s new song “Say What You Say”. The video is filled with beachy vibes shot with both my Phantom 4 and GH5. It mainly features the amazing sound of Persona. “Say What You Say” was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Long Island’s...
  7. IMG_1214


    P4P Polaar Pro Gimbal Guard and Lens Cover
  8. tricked_out_biker

    Which are better for Phantom 4 Pro: DJI filters or the PolarPro Cinema Series Shutter Collection?

    I am in the market for some ND filters for my Phantom 4 Pro. Now I need this forum's help. I just joined the Phantom Pilots forums today, but I have been reading them and learning for quite some time, I just never joined until now because I didn't exactly have a reason to post until now. I came...
  9. tyknows

    Drone Marriage Proposal

    While my fiancé is excited she just got engaged and has a shiny ring, I'm excited I was able to pull off capturing it all with my Phantom 3 Pro :) Here is a 2.5 minute cut: I was able to make her think I had to shoot some aerial footage (for video production I do with a nature conservancy in...
  10. P

    Taco ND filter Vs. Taco MC ND

    My question is, what is the big difference between the two. I get the MC ND filters help with reflection, but as far as post production, which is better for color grading. Does the MC ND filter make color grading more difficult because it saturates the image more or does it not make a difference...
  11. Mavician

    New to Phantom

    Hello, A few weeks ago I got myself the new Mavic Pro and this was my first experience with a drone. I looked at drones for a while but waited since I travel on a motorcycle and needed a small portable package to take with me on trips. But as so many others my Mavic suffers from a almost...
  12. DronePilotOne

    Polar Pro Filters

    Looking into this set of Polar Pro Filters for PHP4: DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 Professional Filter 6-Pack Any input on quality and price? How often do you use ND2?
  13. I

    Short P4 Sunset and Surf

    This was my first time trying to capture surfing, it was kind of challenging to get good composition with all the movement going on, thus the very short surfing footage.
  14. S

    Polar Pro Cinema Series ND's - They're in!

    I know these filters, along with a couple of others have been much anticipated by the P4P community. The ND's are finally making their way into people's hands. There's been a lot of interest in Polar Pro ND's, so I thought I'd throw a quick and dirty post on here to let you guys decide for...
  15. Mike_in_Letcombe

    PolarPro Cinema Vivid Series for P4 (UK only). NOW SOLD

    I have an unused set of PolarPro 'Cinema Series' filters for a P4, including a case to store them in. These include the following: ND4-PL ND8-PL ND16-PL Cost £99.00 and included a free travel case. The filters are boxed in original packaging, there are also 3 x 'Polar Pro' carry bags which...
  16. S

    (SOLD) Phantom 4 with Extra Battery and Rainbowers Filters +Accessories

    I am selling my Phantom 4 with 10hrs 43 minutes of flight time. I am including my custom Rainbowers filters that are in high demand and also not available anymore. I am also including my Polar Pro filters, DJI Shoulder harness, extra battery, Reinforced Tablet Mounting Bracket, and parabolic...
  17. T

    Looking for - Drone trakker Polarpro (V2)

    Hi, I am looking to buy polarpro Drone Trakker v2 backpack (for Phantom4) old\new (the shipping from the official site is almost the price of the backpack... (I'm from Israel) Waiting for your response... Calderon
  18. Richard24

    PolarPro filters a must have..

    I must have got my PolarPro filters ND16, ND32 and ND64. Great filters. Amazing.
  19. b2photo

    Worth getting Polar Pro 6-pack?

    Is it worth getting the Polar Pro 6-pack of filters vs. the 3-pack? Not sure how often I would use the ND32 (but guess that could come in handy). Does anyone have experience using the ND8-PL or ND16-PL and have noticed a significant difference over using just a ND filter? Seems like those three...
  20. Bartzonio

    Polar Pro ND Filters and still picture shooting

    Hey everybody ! I have just tried my new filters from PolarPro. It is the vivid collection from cinema series. Its been a nice evening and I´m just impressed how much difference can actually polarized nd filters do. It is my first set of nd filters on my P3A so I cannot really compare what the...