Polar Pro ND Filters and still picture shooting

Mar 31, 2016
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Hey everybody ! I have just tried my new filters from PolarPro. It is the vivid collection from cinema series. Its been a nice evening and I´m just impressed how much difference can actually polarized nd filters do. It is my first set of nd filters on my P3A so I cannot really compare what the market can offer today.

The thing is after checking the files on my sdcard, all the photos are in 960 x 720 resolution. Why is this ? Could somebody explain to me how is it adjusted in the app please ? Has something gone wrong ? Do the nd filters lower the resolution on the stills ? Please advise.

I will post the filter comparison in a while. Have a nice day.
ND filters don't change the resolution.
Raw (DNG) will give you native resolution. Are you simply copying files from the card or using some sort of 'ingest' program like Lightroom? If it's the latter mechanism, it could be that this program is changing the size.

Did you change ANYTHING ELSE in your workflow along with adding the filter?
The video is perfect, it just the still image. The weirdest thing is that the raw file size is still 23,2 MB as in full res.
I just double checked everything and found out that -
1. When setting to JPEG it saves the full resolution picture 4000x3000, but RAW files are all saved in 960x720.
2. You cannot adjust the resolution of still images in any way.

Has somebody else experienced the same thing or is it something wrong with my bird ?

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