1. T

    Would you sell your drone pics for cryptocurrency?

    Where do you sell your drone photos? Would you sell them for cryptocurrency?
  2. D

    P3Pro Still Images better than P4?

    Hello again! I recently sold my P3Pro to “upgrade” to the Phantom 4. However; the first thing I noticed was I can no longer download the “original photo” on the new app associated with the P4. Saved it anyways. Now, looking at the same areas (above my home) that I previously took photos with...
  3. Y

    Purple Images/Videos on P3S

    I found that my images and videos very purple shifted with very grainy and noisy shadows. Are there any fixes for this? Attached are screenshots of my Lightroom edit settings. I have not adjusted any of the settings except for the white balance. Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. E

    Can't upload photos

    I'm pretty new to this but I can't get my photos from the drone to the computer. I can view them in the app in my flight info and that's it. I've tried plugging the drone in to the computer and it shows there are no photos, I've tried taking the SD card out and putting it directly in to the...
  5. Green Phantom

    ENHANCE your Photos!

    Hi Everyone. In this tutorial i am going to show you a Fast and Simple technique to make your photos really Shout and stand out from the crowd.
  6. B

    Photos saving to phone when SD card is full

    Whilst flying my Phantom 4, the recording stopped and said sd card full. A message popped up saying cache images and videos to your phones storage space. all videos were shot in 4k at 25 frames and all photos taken in raw with auto white balance. the question I'm asking is, is there a way to...
  7. B

    Video Editing

    First of all...whoever created this forum for Phantom enthusiasts should be commended! This forum is MUCH better than DJI's "official" forum!!! Now then, on to my question... I consider myself to be efficient when it comes to editing audio files and still-frame slide shows and presentations...
  8. D

    Real Estate Mapping

    I really am new at this so please be patient with me. I work for a real estate firm and will be doing drone shots of homes, land, commercial property and rentals. I am wanting to take shots of a piece of land that I don't know where the borders are, because it is full of trees, except if I go...
  9. Americanhammer

    Best settings for photos & videos

    I'm trying to get some great pictures & videos with my p3 4k but they don't look as clean/sharp as others I have seen. I tried to move the settings & now I have white & black lines in the sun. What's the best setting to use to take the best shots? Any help would be appreciated.
  10. F

    Some Photos

    Decided to take a crack at using photos for a video.
  11. S

    Polar Pro Cinema Series ND's - They're in!

    I know these filters, along with a couple of others have been much anticipated by the P4P community. The ND's are finally making their way into people's hands. There's been a lot of interest in Polar Pro ND's, so I thought I'd throw a quick and dirty post on here to let you guys decide for...
  12. thefrisbee995

    Which of these are best?

    So I took some photos today on my P4P and was wondering which of these 3 photos do you think are best? I've had my friends telling me the second one and my partner saying the third (which I think I might like the most). The picture chosen will go on my website gallery. Images are here!
  13. D

    Please help! Problem with photos!!!

    Hi all, this is my first time using any forum so I'm really sorry if this question goes to the wrong place. Anyways, I have a problem with my new phantom 4 pro. Every time I try to take RAW photos, when I import the image onto my macbook pro, its not available or something. All that shows for...
  14. J

    What is the best way to transfer Media?

    When it comes to transferring the Phantom 4's Media what is the best way to retain the quality of 4K video and photos?
  15. S

    Colliery and a Canal

    Ive not been flying very long around 3-4 hours flight time but I have put together a little video of a old shut down Colliery near where I live, I originally took off from some way out and to fly it into the ground, after around 5 minutes of flying the security guy who looks after the place come...
  16. G

    Getting strange vertical lines in all photos

    Getting strange lines in my photos. Problem wasn't there yesterday and was there on every photo I took today. Ugh! I've had my P4 for about six months and have used it extensively without a problem. My firmware is up to date. There isn't so much as the smallest nick on my P4. Never had any...
  17. T

    Smartphones and Drones=

    A better way of handeling data, photos,locations, failsafe, etc. Use a couple of smartphones and the national wireless phone system. One smartphone on the drone and the other smartphone in your pocket or somebody elses pocket. Apps anyone? Thinkingman
  18. Photocopter

    Hi from Zürich

    Hi Guys! I've been flying my Phantom 4 since mid April. I've been to the forum few times since then, but I've registered only yesterday. I have already posted a fix to the linking issue after upgrade (here). I bought my P4 mainly for capturing some aerial frames but I am not really sure whether...
  19. jp_flkeys

    Stuck In HDR Shooting Mode

    The other day I was up taking photos in Single Shot mode, I decided to try HDR on my last photo to see how it comes out. Now I'm stuck on HDR mode and cannot change it back to Single Shot. Any suggestions or reasons why this might happen? I was shooting Raw + Jpg at the time, I was think since I...
  20. Cole Scheer

    Hello from Central Nebraska!

    Hello everyone! I am fairly new to the world of drones. I bought my first drone, a Phantom 4, in June and absolutely love it. Since June I have become an avid drone flyer and constantly am taking it out to get a cool shot. I have a Youtube page where I post videos that I have taken, and I have...