1. Helihover

    No More Pano Missions from Drone Base:/

    It was fun while it lasted, but DB is now phasing out the pano mission option we once had. You can still get out and do a few before it completely ends by logging on a pc and adding your mission to your dashboard. Truth be told, it’s been awhile since I’ve been paid for a pano..... Meanwhile...
  2. P

    Possible to make money with drones?

    Hi everyone, I am about to buy the DJI Mavic Pro for photography and videography. I have previously had a drone before the Hubsan x4 so major upgrade. but am wondering if it is possible if people have made money from drones, if so how? Thanks
  3. L

    New drone vid check it out

  4. M

    Community Engagement

    Hey guys! Just found this forum and got really excited to see so many people eager to meet and converse with one another about flying. I personally enjoy building and flying drones and particularly love taking out my phantom to fly. I'm in the cusp with my business of launching a new community...
  5. I

    Phantom 3 Standard Video Editing

    Check out my video:
  6. KB_Colorado

    P3 Pro Photos - Need Opinions on Photo Quality

    Hello Forum, I am concerned that the camera on my P3 Pro is out of adjustment, but I don't have a baseline for comparison. I have usually shot videos and the quality looked acceptable, never really took photos, just video. I could really use your help / opinion on the photos and camera...
  7. B

    10 Tips for Better Drone Photography

    I found this awesome article with drone photography tips. Experts in the field gave some advice. Great read! And awesome video... Fixing Lens Distortion Using Adobe Premier