phanton 3 standard

  1. R

    Phantom 3 Standard Like New With all accessories and Case FOR SALE 320$ plus shipping!

    The drone and controller are like new work 100%, about 10 hours total of flight. Battery new, charger like new, propellers work but are dirty from dirt, but comes with new ones.Extra case can carry the drone and controller along with propellers, charger , and some extra items. Message for...
  2. M

    New Facebood page for us droners!

    A brand new Facebook page has just been created for droner's called Black Sheep Drone Squadron. Feel free to post your pictures, video's, comments, etc there. I tried to post the link here but it won't let me. Search for the title in Facebook and you should find it.
  3. G

    Phantom 3 Standard - gimbal ribbon

    Hi guys I was wondering if you could help me. I let my niece fly my phantom 3 standard and she promptly steered it into a tree (my idiocy I know). The gimbal vibration plate broke and the ribbon of wires was pulled out of the connecting plug attached to the gimbal. I'm trying to plug them...
  4. Neon Euc

    lose picture signal on p3 standard !!!

    Hi guys, been doing lots of different firmware on my Phantom 3 standard as the camera feed to my phone cuts off at around 50-90m depending on what firmware I use. shouldn't have to be doing this for a new drone (esp as my first ever one.. not the best start) this is what I tried so far... 2.8.3...