1. Infinite_parts

    P3P not updating at all - always ends up with red light and long D... buzzer!

    Howdy! Any ideas on fixing that? Short description: Having P3P with 4K camera and gimbal. Most probably issue starts in gimbal because before trying some updates there was "No image transmission signal" message on DJI Go App. Have tried different ways formatting SD card, putting different...
  2. Adrian Serwin

    Norway Drone Footage - 1080p - DJI P3P

    From the 30th June until th 10th July I had the pleasure of exploring the southern and western side of Norway. These are some of the quick clips I managed to capture on my trip and after putting them together and adding some music - this is what I've come out with. Hope you enjoy the video!
  3. S

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro Bundle for Sale

    I am selling my Phantom 3 Professional Bundle. I am asking $1200 (or best offer) for this entire kit. Drone flies super nice, no issues, everything fits in the backpack. I am trying to move into a different hobby so that's why I am parting with it, I love this Drone. If anyone has any...
  4. D


    I'm an old guy and will never learn to pilot drones as intuitively as my son, who grew up with a joystick in his hands. It's what's best about my Phantom, its stability and patience, so that I have time to think. I'm currently on my second P3P. Heavy fog and Moss Lake put an end to its...
  5. A

    Where too fly??

    Hi guys/girls, recently got a phantom 3 pro but i dont know of any good places too take it in the Suffolk/Norfolk area of England. Any ideas? Thanks
  6. SmItLeR

    My P3P has the Flu !

    Hey everyone, Phantom 3 Pro has been flying perfect since I acquired it, but it wasn't until last week I went to fly with a friend who just purchased his Mavic and we did a hover test and thats when I noticed my P3P aggressively shaking/wobbling. I took it home, gave it a good look over, spun...
  7. BigAl07

    Litchi - Update....Update... Update.... From Captain Obvious LOL

    I've been experimenting with Litchi a lot lately and I needed some features that I've read about but couldn't find. I've searched this forum, the Litchi FB group and all over but could not find how to turn on the features I needed. I finally sent a detailed message to Litchi on their FB page...
  8. BigAl07

    Phantom3 Pro/Adv with Firehouse LED Strobe Light???

    I'm looking to see how others here who have tried these LED units have attached them to your P3P or P3A. I've seen them used on the Inspire glued/taped to an outrigger shaft but I've not seen them used on Phantoms. I've got 2 coming and I'm just planning ahead. Fully self contained 3 watt LED...
  9. Laurent73

    Night flight during harvest in Normandie (France)

    Hello, here's my vidéo :