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  1. U

    phantom 4 yaw motor issue

    I am having a problem with the yaw motor on my phantom 4. it's kind of free moving as if the motor isn't controlling it. It happens when hovering, flying straight, turning, ascending, descending, just not when it's sitting still like the other posts I've seen. I can post video of this occurring...
  2. U

    Greetings from Greenville SC

    Hello! I've recently acquired a used phantom 4. I've owned a spark for about a year and am impressed with how much further the range is on the phantom and how much more stable it is. I joined the forum because I'm obsessed with range and have seen many posts about antenna and battery mods for...
  3. B

    How to Download Video's and Photo's in best quality?

    Hi, I have recently purchased a Phantom 4 Advanced about 4 months ago and when i download the videos and photos they always look **** quality and grainy. i have been filming my videos in 4K but just switched to 1080 and it doesn't look up to standard, unless 1080 is bad, but it always looks...
  4. O

    WTB:DJI phantom 4/pro factory box and foam case

    My mom "accidentally" throw away the original box.... now my drone needs a new house. (already got a backpack for carrying around , just want to keep it in the box if I'm not using it.) pm me if you don't need your boxes and would like to sell it.
  5. P


    hey guys I'm thinking about buying a phantom 4 in the next month and I've been doing a lot of research on cases. I want to get a protective hard case but i can't find anything that recommends one over the other. i was wondering if anyone had any info on a GPC case vs Case Club vs the pelican...
  6. Avocet

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda .. PHANTOM CASE!

    I thought I'd post this here because it can be used by Phantom 4s and 3s. Anyone have or seen one of these. You get what you pay for but every now and then, a bargain comes and kicks you in the arse ... I was a month too late for this ... Aluminum Hard Case Carrying Box for DJI Phantom 4...