phantom 3 profesional

  1. itechnology

    NEED TO SELL* Custom P3P Bundle $650 OBO Long Range/Upgraded Motors

    Hi. I am looking to sell my custom P3P. I already own a Mavic Air and I am interested in getting into FPV quad racing. I bought it second hand in July of 2019 and have only flown it a handful of times. I am looking to sell everything together rather than part out items. This bundle will come...
  2. Phantom 3 4K Professional

    Phantom 3 4K Professional

    Phantom 3 4K Professional Tranformer version paint job
  3. lnh2424

    Broken Camera

    I was returning to home and had to make a quick adjustment to avoid crash but moved into a wall. The camera along with part of the gimbal broke off and I was wondering if anyone knew a way to fix it or a good place to send it in to get it fixed.
  4. D

    Problem: Drone beeps with front lights red when turned on....

    Hello everyone, I have a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and I had a minor spill when landing it was on uneven ground and flipped while landing and engines were not off yet. Now when I turn the drone on, it just beeps and the front red lights come on and stay lit, the camera does what it is supposed to but it...
  5. M

    Itelite DBS mods P3P troubleshoot

    Hi All, I just got the Itelite DBS mods upgrade for my P3P. I installed last night and it seemed to go ok. I went out for a flight today and have the exact same range as I had with stock antennas. It's quite bizzare, I'm wondering what are some possible issues for this? I'm thinking it...
  6. T

    Phantom 3 profesional no conecta con DJI go

    Que tal, les cuento que tengo un Phantom 3 profesional nuevo, lo enciendo como indica el manual, conecto mi celular (Galaxy S4 android 4.X) y una vez dentro de la aplicacion DJI go, cuando selecciono mi drone (Phantom 3 professional) no me aparece la opcion "camara", solo me aparece la opcion...
  7. respibob

    Flying up to Pete Dye Golf Course

  8. G

    SOLD! P3P 4K, almost new with extra battery and hardcase backpack $635-shipped

    SOLD - Phantom 3 Professional, almost new, plus an extra battery, neckstrap and a hardcase backpack. I bought it new/refurbished from DJI a few weeks ago. It works and looks like new, I have only flown it about 6 times. I thought this hobby was for me, but there just aren’t many places I can...
  9. rengle02

    FS:P3P with hard backpack in Virginia

    I am selling my lightly used P3P. There are no cracks, damage, etc. Never been crashed or had a hard landing. Battery has only been charged 21 cycles. 32GB card Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm am located in Leesburg, VA 20176 Asking $700 for Phantom and case. Will not split...
  10. J

    Lost P3P - Naples, FL

    I have had my drone for only a few weeks, as it was a Christmas present. I am down in Naples, FL at my place in a residential tower near the beach. The tower has a slight U-shape to it, and I found that I couldn't get a proper compass readout when I tried taking off from there. I went around...
  11. J

    For Sale - like new Phantom 3 Pro, extra batteries and hard shell backpack

    I'm selling my barely used DJI P3 Pro, 3 batteries, extra props, DJI hard shell backpack in great condition with original packaging. You can find details on eBay listing, but I'd be open to selling to a forum member here outside the auction. Any questions...
  12. Alex007

    Professional Tablet will not connect to camera.

    I bought a Phantom 3 Professional yesterday and set it up to set if everything is working. My android smartphone works 100% with it. I have had a P3 Std before so am familiar with the App. However when I connect my Samsung 7 inch Tablet to it, it recognizes that I have connected and the app...
  13. J

    Professional Disconnected. Not able to fly brand new Phantom 3 pro.

    Hi all, Pretty new here. Just bought myself a Phantom 3 Professional 2 days ago. I really don't want make any mistakes and take all the precautions needed, but at this moment, after 2 days I'm starting the get a little irritated and impatient. My RC keeps displaying 'disconnected'. It worked...
  14. J

    Problem connecting samsung tab S2 to either one of × my P3P

    I just bought the samsung galaxy tab S2 to be used with my P3P and was able to download the DJI go app and the litichi app onto the tablet but when I go to connect my drone, neither app will connect to my drone. Is there a setting that I'm overlooking that needs to be changed on my tablet? If...