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  1. M

    Mega Bundle Phantom 3 Pro with Smartphone Extras

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro Ultimate Bundle + Great Smartphone Lot of Extras 4K, Hard Case | eBay Use the link above and offer $800 (This is my bottom) and it is yours since I don't have to pay fees. Mega, Ultimate, Out-of-my-Mind Drone Bundle! Great condition DJI Phantom 3 Pro with hardshell DJI case...
  2. M

    Phantom 3 Pro Shaky Video

    Anyone know why is this happening , when i got the drone only 4K and 2.7K had this problem but now it is happening on Full HD 50fps too. I changed the propellers and checked the motors everything in ok... Here is one at 4K and one Full HD 50 fps. Full HD - Full HD 50 fps.mp4 4K - 4K.mp4
  3. H

    Selling Phantom 3 Pro Mint condition

    Original owner only had it for a few months only been flown a hand full of times. Everything works only selling it because I need something more portable. (4k one) More photos if you need them. The only video I made with it $629 + Will ship it anywhere you will pay for it (location: 36117)...
  4. DreamToFly

    Night time flight test

    I had my P3P out tonight as it's a good, calm, clear and frosty night. This is a test flight and around 2:40 in, I had forgot I was recording the video lol. I try to line it up between the moon and my direct line of sight to get a picture, only to realise I left my camera at home. Now, I'm not...
  5. G

    SOLD! P3P 4K, almost new with extra battery and hardcase backpack $635-shipped

    SOLD - Phantom 3 Professional, almost new, plus an extra battery, neckstrap and a hardcase backpack. I bought it new/refurbished from DJI a few weeks ago. It works and looks like new, I have only flown it about 6 times. I thought this hobby was for me, but there just aren’t many places I can...
  6. HeadshotDeluxe

    Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Batteries For Sale $100 each

    Purchased Batteries to use with a newly purchased P3Pro but jumped on the Phantom 4 deal at Newegg and returned the P3Pro. Batteries are up for grabs. Both Genuine. Serial Numbers on batteries. New here so let me know what other details I can provide. Also have a charger if anyone needs.
  7. G

    P3Pro Problems with Video ?!

    I don't know why, but the Video seems to have some sort of jitter in it? Help me please! I don't know why it does that.....
  8. A

    Video Stutter ???

    I should start that I have a slow computer so watching video is a bit hit and miss to begin with, but since getting my Pro a couple of months ago, it started out great, video spot on and totally impressed, but I guess I did something at some point as now I get a stepping effect in the video...
  9. B

    Gimble cooling fan loose... Advice please?

    I'm flying a P3 Pro and noticed that the little cooling fan on top of the camera gimble has come loose. I feel like it should probably be reattached but am not sure how far to tear it apart or what screws to use. I've attached a couple images for reference. The drone still flies great and the...
  10. J

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro For Sale in SoCal

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional 4K with 2 batteries and Hard Shell backpack. ~DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter ~DJI controller ~Integrated 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbal ~2 original smart DJI batteries ~Propellers with DJI case ~Battery charger w/AC Adapter ~Hard Shell backpack Asking for $650...
  11. A

    P3P + Extra Battery < 40 flights $730 shipped

    Selling a Phantom 3 Professional with an extra battery. Attached are the pictures. From the screenshots of the battery cycles (19) and (16) it's been flown around 35 times. The props are a bit used because of bug-splat. But nothing that affects flight characteristics. Includes DJI charger for...
  12. J

    help update failed?

    im a rockie but good at flying it and recoding not the best on the tech side. has anyone see this happen before? it was flying fine a week ago now when i turn it on it says image transmission failure and needs update but I've given latest update and tried re doing update when advised by the app.
  13. B

    British Columbia Tuchodi Lakes Boat Chase

    First time taking my P3P into the mountains. 5 hour boat ride into the sticks. Chased one of our boats through the splits between the lakes. Enjoy.
  14. J

    Phantom 3 pro - camera is fine but gimbal is not working

    Hello, I've recently managed to crash my Phantom 3 pro. I changed the yaw arm and also the flex cable, now the camera is working just fine, also the phantom itself is working (GPS, Take-off, etc.) but I can't move with the camera - the stabilisation is not working at all. Is there any way to...
  15. lumbra9foto

    How to correctly import-edit-export 4k footage in Premiere Pro

    Hi guys!! the thing here is that I want to be a contributor in videoblocks and finally started to record in 4K but the problem was after that: in the computer. You see I use adobe premiere pro but don't know how to import the files correctly, the edition part its not that much of a problem but...
  16. P


    Good afternoon all, Can someone advise where I can find MVOM0Fw.bin file? I need to downgrade my Phantom 3 professional due to the ongoing "No signal" issue. Thanks in advance
  17. Patrick Pedersen

    Can I downgrade to the previous firmware?Signal loss but only the image,RC still working as normal.

    Hi again you all, I 'm now starting to panic a lot, got a job this weekend were I'll be flying over a 60 meter high bridge and 700 meter downwards and over an old town and back. After I updated the firmware in both the camera, the RC and the drone itself I've been having some real problem due...
  18. F

    Processing images to dronedeploy

    Ok, Im a newb! I downloaded the dronedeploy app, and upon attempting to process the imaged via DD map engine, the app told me that my images were nothing showing LAT, LONG, ALT. and that I need to check it. I shot in RAW format, does that make a difference? How do I fix this so I can build...