phanrom 3 advanced

  1. C

    Phantom 3 Advanced for Sale

    DJI Phantom 3 Advanced for sale. This is complete with: Original Box Remote Control Radio Original battery that is perfect Extra set of props(new) Battery charger Backpack 16 gb sd card This Phantom is like new, it has never been crashed or turned over on the ground. I always hand caught this...
  2. S

    Is the 32 channel mod still working?

    Hi all. Just got a phantom 3adv, and works great but with some range issues. Open terrain gets 6000-8000 feet, but near more condensed areas, only about 1500ft. I know that's normal but the interference issues have alot to do with traffic on channels 13-20. I heard about the 32 channel mod and I...
  3. B

    Selling P3A

    So I have a bunch of stuff for my P3A and am wanting possibly sell it to get some money to upgrade. How much do you guys think I could get out off it all? Everything is in very good condition.
  4. R

    Calibrate IMU/ Aircraft Disconnected Problem

    I have a Phantom 3 advanced drone that we got on christmas a few years back and it was working fine. Then, it sat around for a few months with no use until now. I just updated my drone from 1.8.0 to 1.9.3, and how the drone will connect and the image shows up on the phone, the only problem there...
  5. J

    Phantom 3 4k parts

    These parts are from a crashed Phantom 3 4K version. Was a dry crash. Drone was not mine, so I can’t answer everything,but I will honestly tell you all the info I can if you are interested. The transmitter turns on and feels as if it is functional, but the antennas have some type of silicone...
  6. T

    Phantom 3 Advanced With Hardcase For Sale

    Phantom 3 Advancec with DJI Hardshell Case. Controller has HDMI Board . 2 Batteries 4 props 64 gb memory card Charger. Lens Filter Gimbal Guard I bought this but never really used it. It has probably only 2 hours use max! I’m looking $400 plus shipping .USA only. Damian
  7. C

    Advanced Phantom adv camera mobo

    I recently crashed and I need a new gimbal motherboard for the advanced any suggestions of where I could get one it would be great. thanks
  8. T

    Dji stopped producing P3-P34K!

    Today DJI stopped manufacturing the phantom 3: 4k, 3a, and 3p. The only survivor is the standard. This is common for companies to do as with Apple and not producing the ipad mini 3 when the 4 came out. Any thoughts?
  9. Skyer

    Aerial pictures - Phantom 3 Advanced

    Hey everyone! I've started publishing a collection of aerial pictures taken with my P3A at Flickr: Thanks for watching!
  10. Carltonart

    No longer available, selling items individually.

    Listing no longer available , selling everything separately.
  11. J

    ESC fault

    Hi all, New to this forum thingy so please forgive me if I don't post this correctly! I've just purchased a second hand Phantom 3 advanced, I've owned several cheaper drones before but thought I'd go to the next level. The P3 came with prop guards which I decided to remove, I replaced the...
  12. M

    Wanted controller P3 advanced / professional

    Must get a clean relatively new controller. Need one for my spare P3 advanced. Am in Europe. Thanks.
  13. J

    Error messages and faulty flight data

    I was wondering if anybody has had this problem. I was flying last Sat. in Northern NSW. Australia. After about 12 mins 2 error messages came up, one said a propeller was loose or had come off, the second said I had a motor obstruction, I quickly flew back and landed with no problems at all. I...
  14. O

    DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Drone with

    Model: DJI Phantom 3 Advanced Features: Included 2.7K / 12 Megapixel Camera Integrated 3-Axis Stabilization Gimbal Easy to Fly, Intelligent Flight System Live HD View Dedicated Remote Controller Powerful Mobile App w/ Auto Video Editor Vision Positioning for Indoor Flight Price: $550 Available...
  15. G

    Phantom 3 Advanced Preferences

    Hi all: I have two P3 Advanced and I have had problems after firmware/DJI App upgrades with preferences being reset or changed. I tried several times to create a document to record all the preferences on my birds. I now have a 25 page Pdf file that I can print out and record all my setting. I...