1. Rapacious

    Phantom 4 - Controller and Two Batteries for Sale

    I have a P4 (not the Pro) controller and two batteries I would like to sell is there i any interest. I can also part with the charger and the backpack style case if anyone is interested. The iron itself still flies, but the camera gimbal system got wet and is toast. Still transmits but it is...
  2. Undertow

    Buying crashed Phantom 4 pro drone only with or without gimbal

    Trying to resurrect my Frankenstein! Who has one collecting dust?
  3. J

    IGNORE: Item sold! Phantom 2 Vision Plus for Parts, lot of extras

    This unlucky drone sat in the woods for 3 years until deer hunters found it. But it has good parts AND I have two controllers, 6 extra new props, blade guards, custom carrying case, all cords and charging adapters. AND ALSO have a fully repaired working gimbel + camera that was my spare. All...
  4. Infinite_parts

    Service pricing for Phantom repairs / Part lists

    Hi guys, Not sure if anyone touched / shared info of this already therefore making new post. Two main questions: 1. Is there a place you can find some DJI drone servicing prices? Maybe some service center has shared their price list or you know where to check online? All what I see is “Send in...
  5. R

    spare parts from china

    anybody got experience buying cheap P4P parts off eBay from china? I'm looking for gimbal flex cables and motors.
  6. O

    Dronerr Parts - 2nd hand parts with a 12 month warranty????

    Hi, I have come across this website which looks like it has answered all of my prayers. It sells phantom parts used, so that they are much cheaper but it also comes with a 12 month warranty which surprises me. Has anyone had any experience with this company, I haven't heard of it before but it...
  7. P

    Need help knowing what DJI Phantom3 part

    I accidenty flew my drone into some branches and it crashed into the ground. The gimbal broke along with the black flat wire but i see its repairable and i have been able to find the kit to replace it but i cant seem to find this one wire thats goldish and connects to this motor. Anyone know...
  8. B

    Interchangeable Phantom 3 Parts

    Hello. This is my first time ever using a forum so I apologize in advance. I have a phantom 3 4k, and I love it. Only thing, I wish it had light bridge, and Russian satellite, but that isn't as much of a priority as light bridge. Are any of those parts interchangeable? Here is why I ask. I...
  9. B

    Is there a way to search the classifieds for specific parts?

    I'm looking for a camera circuit board for a P4. I broke the small white connector (receptacle) the gimble attaches to. Is there a way to search the classifieds for specific parts?
  10. R

    WTB P3P controller for parts

    Hi guys and girls, My P3P controller was damaged on a recent trip so I'm searching for a used controller for parts. I'm looking for a receiver with the following: Housing in mint/great condition. No cracks or breaks. Antennas in perfect condition. Must be either the GL300A, B or C versions...
  11. H


    I need one rubber-like bumper and one rubber-like screw hole closure for the P3 XT. The rubber bumper is held on the bottom half of the XT with two-sided tape and covers one of the upper screws holding the two XT halves together. The circular screw closure covers one of the lower screws for...
  12. Wolffboy

    14-Month Old P4 Usage

    I've been flying my P4 for about 14 months and am amazed by the reliability and durability. I was wondering how much use others have gotten out of their P4 and if anyone has had any issues due to the age of parts like motors, batteries etc. Attached is my AirData UAV Log Page, post yours as well!
  13. H

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera and Gimbal for Parts

    Hey - I'm selling a mechanically sound but eletrically dead(-ish) Phantom 3 Professional gimbal + camera in case anyone is interested: DJI Phantom 3 Professional Camera and Gimbal for Parts | eBay Feel free to ask any questions.
  14. D

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus Quad Copter Drone

    I have for sale a Phantom 2 Vision Plus, that has been crashed, and is being sold as is. I tangled with a lilac bush, just trying to get that shot. It was not a very big crash. So I went back to the launch point, to try again, I should've done a power cycle on the quad and the remote, and...
  15. Nighthawk

    Lost screw on controller

    I just lost a screw or bolt on my controller and I am having trouble finding a replacement. I hope I can explain it correctly which one it is. So it's from the transmitter from my P3A. You know the part where you attach the phone/ tablet to, if you follow it down you first get the screw in a...
  16. P

    Need spare part. Can't find front leg landing gear

    Aaron from QLD Australia. New to this forum and day 2 on owning a Mavic Pro. Tried sports and a lot of fun buy clipped a tree and damaged the following. Looking at the front of the mavic (camera) I have bent/damaged the right aluminum leg/landing gear. (It is held in with 3 small hex screws) I...
  17. J

    Rotor Lock tabs broke off - where do I buy one?

    My rotor hit something and the tabs which hold it on broke off. Looks like I will need to buy a replacement to the part that seats the rotors onto the arm? This is a 2016 Phantom 4. THANKS!
  18. 2

    P3P part out sale

    My gimbal does not work, so I'm parting out my Phantom 3 pro. Any questions ask. DJI Phantom 3 professional aircraft only w/props (no camera/gimbal/battery). Flies perfect. No cracks or crash damage. Blue stickers applied. $180 obo +$15 shipping DJI Phantom 3 pro gimbal/4k camera assembly...
  19. SkyRenderMedia

    Help! Piece Fell Off

    Hello everyone. I recently purchased a P3 Pro. Today, I was trying to take the micro sd card out and the gimbal lock slapped off. No big deal right? Well, I noticed a very small rubber tubing looking piece that had come off and cannot figure out where it goes to put it back on. Hoping someone...
  20. B

    Roll arm bent?

    I have seen this question on here but it didn't help me too much. So after crashing the Phantom, the roll arm was bent (see photo) and it is doing things like tilting the camera sideways up and down. It is just bent in that way and just that part (to my knowledge) that is broken. My questions...