part 107

  1. Phil Tuggle

    Insane Amount of Time Needed for "107" Airspace Authorizations?

    Is anyone else experiencing excessively long waits for FAA Airspace Authorizations? I have have submitted only two (both were filled out absolutely perfectly). Right now, this is simply not practical for my Class D Airspace, which contains a ton of residential neighborhoods (I shoot real...
  2. SoCalDude

    Record Time Between Test & Application Association w/IACRA?

    I completed and passed the exam at 220000Z and was able to associate it to the IACRA application form on 230045Z. (If you've taken the exam, you'll know how to read those times!) That's got to be a new speed record of 24.75 hours from test completion to application association (for someone that...
  3. SoCalDude

    Your Part 107 Exam Score?

    I'm not sure if polls are visible in the mobile app for this forum. If you do not see the poll or are unable to vote your score from your mobile app, please vote from a desktop/laptop browser. So, what score did you receive on the Part 107 Remote Pilot Knowledge Test?
  4. kennedye

    Questions about night waivers

    So these are the items necessary to meet the performance based standards to obtain a 107.29 waiver for flying beyond civil twilight: Applicant must provide a method for the remote pilot to maintain visual line of sight during darkness. Applicant must provide a method for the remote pilot to...
  5. gringorio

    FAA Aviation Safety Inspector explains new drone operation regs

    This was a fairly informative webinar from a few days ago. I recommend watching it, especially if you want to operate commercially. They now have it on Vimeo:
  6. RemotePilot101

    Approved Airspace Authorization!

    So the FAA to date has only approved 81 airspace authorizations. I’m proud to say we’re one of those. Nearly 1,000 have been submitted yet the FAA is throwing out 90% of them! In this quick video I show the authorization and detail the steps we took to make it happen.
  7. FunN4lo

    Part 107 check list

    Does anyone have a preflight and or maintenance checklists that they are using to satisfy the FAA Part 107 requirements that they would share?
  8. K

    Do you fly or want to fly commercially?

    Hi all, We just ran a Q&A with one of our drone lawyer advisors, Jeff Antonelli, on our blog and I think he gave very insightful and useful answers for anyone flying a drone commercially. I've seen a fair amount of people on this forum either currently flying commercially or wanting to fly...
  9. Kristina Fowler

    Uncertified Rogue Commercial Drone Operators

    Not sure if this has been discussed. I went to a lot of time and trouble - plus $150 testing fee - to get my Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate to be in the good graces of the FAA. I studied my butt off and made a 95% on the General Knowledge Test. Like many here, I intend to use Aerial...
  10. ASA2FLY

    The FAR/AIM for Remote Pilots

    If you are looking for a resource for Parts 107, 48, and other regulations and information for Remote Pilots and Drone Operations, it can all be found in the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) and Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), or what manned aircraft pilots intimately refer to as the...
  11. ASA2FLY

    Tips for Getting Your Remote Pilot Certificate

    Hello Phantom Pilots, I'd like to take a moment to introduce myself, introduce ASA, and tell you about some of the products we have available to help you with your part 107 certification. First, my name is Brian Snider, I am the marketing coordinator for ASA (Aviation Supplies & Academics). I...
  12. J

    How Did you study for the Part 107 test?

    Hello, I am an aviation insurance broker. I get a lot of questions from potential clients about how to study for the Part 107 test. However, I have not taken the test myself. How did everyone study for the test? Thanks, Joe Ernster Bullock Agency. Inc. [email protected]
  13. Phil Tuggle

    Quick question about "TINY" camera drone requirements

    Forgive the following question, since this is after all the Phantom Pilots forum...and this does not regard Phantoms but does regard Rules and Regulations... Okay, talking commercial use here. It is clear that aircraft with a takeoff weight between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds has to be...
  14. BigAl07

    Part 107 - Airspace Authorizations

    As October draws near more and more ATC are starting to follow the October 3rd dated FAA guidelines for Airspace Authorizations and referring any new requests to the online portal: Request a Waiver/Airspace Authorization Small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) They are simply following through on...
  15. Enrico Schaefer

    Learn to File your own Part 107 Waivers with the FAA

    If you are a commercial drone operator, or part 107 Pilot, you will need ATC airspace permissions in controlled airspace (Class B, C, D and E surface area) and your basic Part 107 Waivers (under 14 CFR Part 107, Subpart D). The FAA suggests you obtain ATC permission 90 days prior to the start...
  16. U

    Commercial Operations: What do you want to know?

    If you could sit down with successful commercial UAV operators, what would you ask them? What if you could talk with a guy that is out there earning money with his drone, what tips, information, questions etc would be most helpful to you as you start your own UAS business?
  17. RemotePilot101

    VIDEO: Understanding Airspace

    Charts and airspace play such a huge role not only in our everyday operations but also on the FAA Part 107 knowledge test. Last week myself and the team at RemotePilot101 handled over 1,000 support tickets/live chat requests and the common theme was airspace. So I put together a quick video for...
  18. BigAl07

    FAA Terminology

    I see many threads here on PP (and FB) where people don't have a firm grasp on some of the most needed FAA Terminology and it could cause confusion if you're not careful. In an effort to help get more people onto the right "path" one of my friends from the FAA crafted this post to help clear up...
  19. N

    Starting Part 107 small UAS Course

    Just thinking about starting the FAAST Part 107 small UAS Course and want to know if you can work through it at your own pace. Can you start and stop lessons as you need to? Or do you have to complete each learning segment after you start one? Not sure if I worded that correctly - just starting out.
  20. Mike_Flys

    Save Hundreds on Professional Level Drones Part 107 Sale

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