p4p+ controller

  1. P

    Replacing Remote for P4P+

    Hi All, I've tried to couple a new regular controller to my P4P+, however I cannot get the aircraft to connect, the new display does not seem to see the drone at all. Does anyone know if it's possible to do this, or can the P4P+ drone only work with the P4P+ controller? Any help or points...
  2. wataero

    P4P "+" RC firmware update v01.04.01.00, 13 April 2018

    I updated using the system menu (swipe down from top of screen). Since I was connected to internet download started automatically and completed after a couple of minutes. Then you have to click on the downward arrow to get it to apply the update. Update loaded and installed without an error...
  3. S

    Litchi on P4P+

    Now that Litchi has the ability to run without Google Play Services (Amazon App), and is now capable of running on Crystal Sky devices. Does that include a P4P+ controller? How does one get to the security settings to allow the app to be installed on the P4P+ controller?
  4. wataero

    P4P+ RC Firmware update - Pluses and Minuses

    P4P+ RC Firmware version was released on 9 Feb. The main component was updating the GO App to 4.1.22 which enabled the panoramic shooting modes, but it also added some other functions to RC software. Pluses and Minuses: Upgrade went smoothly, I upgraded directly from the display...
  5. dewein

    Mystery Icon

    Any idea what the 3rd icon (3rd of 4 square boxes) means? Locked Icon by dewein posted Aug 5, 2017 at 1:30 PM
  6. D

    How do i connect fvp in P4P+ controller

    How do i connect fvp in P4P+ controller ?