p4 battery

  1. Maahi

    Phantom 4 Problem after Downgrading from v2.0.106 to v1.2.503

    Got some serious issues on flight stability and gimbal movement on my P4 after updating to latest version (ie v2.0.106) so I tried to downgrade v1.2.503, but no official option available on Assistant 2. Then I used DUMLdore to flash FW and it's successfully downgraded, and I got butter smooth...
  2. AuldGimpy

    P4Pro/ Pro+ Batteries for Sale, UK.

    For a change I found a decent UK supplier of DJI Batteries and other kit. filming depot - global DJI Phantom 4 Intelligent Flight Battery (DJI-PHANT-4-BATTERY) | eBay These batteries are marked "Authorized DJI" items. They are not the usual cheap 'knock-offs' that appear on the market and...
  3. D

    DJI Phantom 4 Battery Send International

    I have 10 Dji phantom 4 batteries anyone know wich is the best service send only batteries to india
  4. Daskid

    Fake / Counterfeit Battery?

    I need help fellas. I recently bought P4 batteries from an ebay seller and received them today. I noticed on the warnings on the battery that the word "flight" is mispelled as "fliget". I checked my original high capacity battery, and it does say "flight". Also, when charging the batteries...
  5. Xirtam

    P4 Battery button

    Hi, Can't seem to find same problem anywhere. Used battery, then put on charger -lights working. When I went to test battery button clicks but nothing happens. Can anyone help please? Thanks
  6. D

    Can I charge a P4 battery with a p4p charger?

    I just bought a P4 battery which arrived to-day DOA! It has been returned for a replacement. I am assuming that I can use my existing P4P charger to safely charge it when it finally arrives. But the more I think about it, the more I realise I should have checked first. Could someone put me...
  7. E

    P4 Battery unbalanced cells a problem?

    I just purchased a P4P with 2 extra P4 batteries. One of the batteries after being fully charged shows cell voltage as follows: 4.32, 4.27, 4.20 and 4.32. My understanding is that all cells should be within a few hundredths of a volt of each other at all times. Should I fly with this battery or...
  8. muriel

    How Long Used for P4 Battery

    After the end of flight P4, if you forget to turn off the battery switch, the consequences will happen? I need to buy two more batteries. :confused::sob:
  9. L

    Phantom 4 Batteries - SALE

    Phantom 4 batteries are cheap today! https://www.amazon.com/DJI-CP-PT-000342-Phantom-Intelligent-Battery/dp/B01D2PKYMI/ #BlackFriday Do these also work with P4 Pro?
  10. dguth66

    P4 extras ... Best deal takes it

    I have three new batteries ... not flown just opened and charged. One charger unit One remote control unit ... used once Extra props not opened Factory case Now here is the deal, I'm in Canada at Postal Code B2Z 1N9 (near Halifax Nova Scotia) so if u want ship quote just use that info and...
  11. Flying Dre

    P4 battery critical level error

    I've been looking at some threads so not to double up with my question and couldn't find anything too close Yesterday I put a fresh, brand new charged battery into P4 and whilst I was doing pre-flight checks, the DJI go app flashed a warning that the battery level is critical at 0%. I tried to...
  12. Yiannis.B

    P4 battery, - redundancy embedded?

    Hello, I was just wondering, about the purpose of the 10-pin battery connector. Is there a possibility that they made it like that, to have cell redundancy? I mean that assuming you have 4 x (4 cells in series), being parallel connected via some kind of semiconductor switches, and the full...
  13. B

    Adding more batteries to P4 for longer flight time?

  14. ryantrax

    Phantom 4 Battery Labels Black, Red, Gold, Silver or Green

    Hey guys, I know a bunch of you bought our P3 battery labels. We now have P4 battery labels for sale. They come in a pack of 6 (numbered 1 thru 6). They are available in Black, Red, Gold, Silver and Green (special colors available upon request, additional lead time may be required). Click an...