p3s range

  1. R

    ARGtek mod issues/controller issues (HELP!!)

    HELP!!! I have a couple big problems I accidentally clipped a wire when installing an Argtek range extender.. I have managed to get it functional, but I need help finding a more permanent fix. (picture should clarify issue) I also have heard that the P3S will only work well with a 2.4ghz...
  2. hexagon

    P3S range problems - CE Mode

    Greetings from Athens Greece. I purchased my P3S about 15 days ago after lots of research and reading. I fly my bird via an LG G3 32GB phone which is more than enough in terms of hardware for smooth video feed, as well as software (Android 5). Upgraded to 1.6.8 right out of the box and after...
  3. J

    ITE DBS01 Mod for P3 Standard

    Howdy Experts; After losing/freezing my video feed within 600', I bought myself a ITE DS01 range extender kit. I am using DJI GO app, with a Nexus 7 tablet. Same issue on iPad mini 2, as well. Now comes the fun part. I have no clue on how to install it. I have looked online, but most are about...
  4. Kneepuck

    Phantom 3 Standard Range Issue is a Common Problem

    Those of you who have a P3S, does this sound familiar? You get the Phantom. Excited, you do all the stuff you are supposed to do and make your first flight. It goes great! better than you had dreamed of. Then, you get the notice about doing a firmware update. You think, " This will...
  5. plogibear

    P3S 630 meters max range in an urban setting

    Tried testing how many meters I would get with the Phantom Standard. I got around 630 meters max range in an urban setting. Good or Bad?